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Best things to do in Oaxaca State

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Oaxaca (pronounced ‘wahaca’) lies on the Pacific Ocean coast of southern Mexico. One of the country’s most diverse states, it remains a stronghold for almost twenty indigenous groups, most notably the Zapotec. But Oaxaca also has more than its fair share of subtropical beaches. In particular around Huatulco and Puerto Escondido. At the same time, increasing numbers of visitors are also discovering the astounding natural beauty of the region. With that in mind, it’s time to check out the Best Things to do in Oaxaca State.

Explore Colorful Huatulco

Culture tour of Huatulco

Huatulco is positioned on a glorious section of coastline roughly midway along with the state. It is primarily known for its chain of nine lush bays. However, Huatulco is also making a name for itself in the gastronomic world. Not only is the seafood as fresh as any, but the indigenous use of insects in dishes also continues. But if Huatulco rings a bell, it’s probably because of its coffee plantations. They are open to visitors choosing our Huatulco culture and coffee tour. It’s just one of a whole range of excellent tours in Oaxaca State.

Discover the Hidden Coast

kayak among the mangroves of Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido – the ‘hidden coast’ – is perfectly named. Much attention focuses on the long surfing-friendly beach. Yet delve a little deeper and you’ll find all manner of natural treasures. Travel just a short distance and you’re into untouched mangroves. One of the region’s best birding spots, there’s nothing like passing along its maze of channels on a kayak experience in search of deserted beaches. Alternatively, join our horseback riding adventure to get up close with Puerto Escondido’s hot springs.

Enjoy the Sunset Over Chacahua National Park

Tours of Chacahua National Park

Dusk is one of the best times of day to catch sight of the local wildlife. So what could be better than entering the verdant forests and lagoons protected by Chacahua National Park towards sunset? For instance, with our Chacahua National Park sunset experience from Puerto Escondido you’ll be able to experience the area at its very best. Enjoy stunning views from the lighthouse before tucking into a delicious traditional meal. But should the allure of Puerto Escondido beach be too great, there’s always our Pacific coast sunset and bonfire experience here instead.

Take to the Water

Snorkeling in Huatulco

Its Pacific waters are one of the biggest drawers to Huatulco. But don’t be satisfied with a swim on the beach when you can also dip beneath the waves with a snorkel and ride rapids on an inflatable raft too. Our 5 bays of Huatulco rafting and snorkeling experience is the ideal combination of relaxation and adrenaline-fueled adventure. This means there’s something for everyone as you journey down the Copalita River or take in lagoon corals. To throw some local wildlife into the mix, our Ventanilla, Mazunte, Zipolite & Puerto Angel tour is probably the way to go. On this tour, you get to snorkel on an unusual black reef before sampling local dishes and seeing everything from monkeys to crocodiles.

Don’t Miss a Thing

If you’re worried about missing out on any of the best things to do in Oaxaca State there’s a very simple answer. Our highlights of Huatulco & surrounding 6-day tour package take in the main attractions without the stress of organizing it all yourself. Likewise, join our Secrets of Oaxaca 7 Day Package tour and you’ll have the chance to experience all Oaxaca has to offer. Take this option, and you’ll also get to stay in some of the top hotels in Oaxaca. What could be better?

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