The Best Wine Tours From Barcelona

The Best Wine Tours from Barcelona

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If you love wine, there isn’t a much better Spanish city to visit than Barcelona. Not only is it packed full of brilliant wine bars and wine-centric restaurants, but it’s also close to a number of wine-growing regions. The city overflows with Cava, the famous sparkling wine made just down the road in Penedes. And the best way to experience Barcelona’s wine scene is surely with an insider guide. Once you’ve checked into one of our handpicked hotels, it’s time to grab a glass and find out more about Barcelona’s fascinating wine scene. Here is our pick of the best wine tours from Barcelona.

Visit Montserrat’s Monastery and a Local Winery

Montserrat Best wine tours from Barcelona

Montserrat, the stunning jagged mountain just an hour from Barcelona, is home to a number of excellent wineries. Our Barcelona to Montserrat tour blends a visit to Montserrat’s famous monastery with a visit to a local winery. Here, you’ll learn about the production of little-known Montserrat wines. A tour of the beautiful vineyards awaits you, along with a guided tasting of the winery’s wines, paired with Catalan tapas. Be sure to check out our guide on how to get to Montserrat from Barcelona.

Unknown Gaudí, Tapas and Cava

Gaudi building, Barcelona

If there are three things that sum up Barcelona, it’s Gaudí, tapas and Cava. This very special tour will take you to see some of Gaudí’s more unknown architectural works outside Barcelona. These include a Sagrada Familia style church and textile factory. Then it’s off to a small winery in the heart of the Penedes wine region, most famous for Cava. Make your way through the historic estate and vineyards before tasting a number of the family’s Cava wines, paired with local tapas. Cava is supremely important in Barcelona’s food and wine culture and this is a perfect way to learn more about it.

Barcelona Walking and Wine Tasting Experience

Barcelona Best wine tours from Barcelona

If Barcelona is made for two things, it’s walking and tasting wine, as this tour shows. First, a two-hour walking tour through Barcelona’s atmospheric old town. Amble down tiny winding streets passing small tapas bars, markets and art galleries. Second, immerse yourself in Catalan food and wine culture with a tasting of local wines and tapas. This experience will happen in a hidden bar under the tutelage of an expert in Catalan cuisine.

Sitges Tapas and Wine Tasting

Sitges Best wine tours from Barcelona

Sitges is a beautiful coastal town less than an hour’s drive from Barcelona. Learn more about this stunning area with a tapas and wine tasting tour. Depart from Barcelona and explore Sitges’ culture and buzzing atmosphere. This is a town that many famous Catalan artists have called home and includes works from the best of them, including Gaudí. From Sitges, a knowledgeable guide will take you to a boutique winery in the nearby Penedes wine region. Take a wander through the vineyards followed by a full tasting of the bodega’s wines, complete with tapas. A perfect way to discover more about this corner of the wine world.

Wine in Barcelona

Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

Wine is in the lifeblood of Barcelona residents. It’s drunk every day, at every occasion, in every style. If you visit, you want to do it right. This is just a selection of wine and food tours from Barcelona – be sure to take a look at what other tours we have to offer. And we promise, after a weekend in Barcelona, you’ll find it hard to go home.

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