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How to Get from Jerusalem to Petra

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If you’ve spent 2 days in Jerusalem, you may wish to continue your holiday in neighboring Petra, Jordan. This rose hued archaeological city was originally home to the Nabataeans and was inhabited from around 7000 BC. There’s much to see and do at this breath-taking UNESCO World Heritage Site. First, visit The Treasury carved meticulously into a sandstone cliff. Next, see an impressive amphitheater, and spectacular al-Siq grand entrance. Last, visit museums with collections of ancient artifacts or spend time browsing local handicraft stores. If you plan to take a night tour of Petra, it’s magical. Illuminated by the light of the silvery moon, you can begin to imagine the city as it was centuries ago. Something everyone asks is how to get from Jerusalem to Petra, so here are some ideas to help you plan.

Guided Tour From Jerusalem to Petra

Tour Guide Petra

By far the easiest and best way to travel from Jerusalem to Petra is on a guided tour, like this 2 day Wadi Rum and Petra tour from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. When you break all the costs down, dedicated tours can be safer and more cost effective than private travel. Firstly, there are border crossing fees to consider and visas to contend with. There’s also the entrance fee to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra and the cost of a local guide. Additionally, you’ll pay for overnight stays if you’re planning on spending a little time in Jordan. All this is taken care of if you book a guided tour from Jerusalem. It takes away all the hassle and red tape, and you can just sit back and enjoy the scenery! See our tours in Jerusalem and our tours in Petra to see what’s best for you.

Petra from Jerusalem via Allenby Bridge Border Crossing

Allenby King Hussein Border Crossing

There are only a few borders which can be crossed in the Middle East and Allenby Bridge Border Crossing is one of them. This is the easiest way if you are planning to travel independently into Jordan from Jerusalem, however you will encounter plenty of bureaucracy along the way. Firstly, you will need to have a pre-issued visa from your country of origin, and you will have to time your visit with border crossing opening times.

The crossings can close at certain times and on specific Jewish holidays. Many car hire companies also may not allow you to take the vehicle over the border into Jordan, so there’s that to consider, and if they do allow it, you will need to check if your insurance covers the journey. However, if you plan your trip in advance and ensure you have all the correct paperwork, you’ll find independent travel can be a rewarding experience.

Travelling to Petra via Eilat

Arava Border crossing

It’s possible to travel to Eilat from Jerusalem then continue across the border into Jordan from there. There are regular bus services from Jerusalem to the southern resort of Eilat which are cheap and can be booked in advance. You can stay overnight in Eilat and cross into Jordan in the morning via Arava (Itzhak Rabin) Border Crossing. Jordanian authorities can issue visas on the spot if you don’t have one pre-arranged, but if you plan to stay in Jordan for less than 2 nights you’ll also have to pay $60 USD per person for your visa. This covers your exit from Israel and entry back into the country.

You will also need to pay a border fee which is usually $65 USD per person. The crossing should take no longer than an hour if your paperwork is in order. Your best option once you cross the border is to take a taxi to the Red Sea resort of Aqaba. This journey will cost around $15 USD. From Aqaba, the easiest way to reach Petra is also by taxi, which will cost approximately $75 USD one way. As always, remember to check and confirm prices prior to departure to avoid unpleasant surprises. Or take our Petra day tour from Eilat or our Petra day tour from Aqaba to ease the process.

Flying into Jordan from Ben Gurion International Airport

Flight over Jordan Desert

If you don’t mind travelling 45-minutes to Ben Gurion Airport just outside Tel Aviv, you can jump on a flight to Jordanian capital Amman. Royal Jordanian Airlines operate two to three flights per day from Tel Aviv to Amman with a flight time of around 45 minutes. On arrival in Amman you can transfer by taxi to the historic city of Petra in around 3 hours, with a cost of around $120 USD each way. If you’re looking to unwind after a long day of traveling, check out the Al Yakhour Turkish Bath on our Jordanian Spa and Wellness Guide for the ultimate evening of relaxing.

Traveling Between Petra and Jerusalem

While these two cities couldn’t be more different, they’re both well worth the visit. They’re iconic, and definitely unmissable. See our hotels in Petra and our hotels in Jerusalem to finish your itinerary off. Our curated guide on where to stay in Petra offers the best hotels in the area for your convenience.

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