How to Get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

How to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
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It’s super easy to get from the vibrant coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv to historic Jerusalem and it only takes around an hour! Ticket prices for buses, trains, and sheruts are competitive and if you wish to drivem, it’s a relatively straight line from one city to the other. If you need additional information on how to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, read our guide below and choose the best mode of transport for you!

Getting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by Train

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Getting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is even easier since the high-speed train network began to operate between the two cities. The railway line opened in 2018 and is much faster than the older line, which is still in service. The fast train takes between 35 and 45 minutes with a scheduled stop at Ben Gurion Airport from Tel Aviv HaHagana Station to Jerusalem’s Yitzhak Navon Station. There are also further services to be announced to Savidor Central Station in Tel Aviv, and potentially more locations in the city. The cost of a one-way rail ticket is around $5-6 USD and trains are modern, with air conditioning and USB plugs allowing for a comfortable journey.

Driving A Private Car

Driving to Jerusalem

It’s easy to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by private car. If you plan to make the trip, you can reserve a rental car to collect near your hotel or from Ben Gurion International Airport. Several car hire companies have offices in Tel Aviv including, Avis and Hertz, who both have offices along HaYarkon Street by the beach. The fastest driving route to Jerusalem is via Highway 1 with a journey time of around one hour. En route, you can gain amazing views of the Judean Mountains and stop off at local landmarks along the way. Alternatively, take scenic route 431, detour to Modiin and explore nearby Emmaus Nicopolis and picturesque Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve.

Taking the Bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

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Buses from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem operate from Tel Aviv-Yafo Arlozorov Bus Terminal and from the new Tel Aviv Central Bus Station. The cost of a one-way ticket is around $5 USD and children under the age of 5 travel free. The number 480 bus leaves Tel Aviv-Yafo Arlozorov Terminal 2000 every 10 minutes from just before 6 am until 12 midnight. Times vary on Friday and Saturday due to Shabbat, with buses on Friday stopping early afternoon and resuming after 6 pm on Saturday evening. Alternatively, the 405 bus leaves every 20 minutes from central bus station from Sunday to Thursday with fewer services on Friday and Saturday.

Travelling by Sherut

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A sherut is a minibus style, shared vehicle which can transport you from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. They leave from outside central bus station and cost around $5-6 USD one-way. This is a fixed fare to transport you from A to B, and if you want to disembark at another location you will still have to pay the full fare. You may have to wait a short while before the minibus departs, as drivers will only leave when the vehicle is completely full (around 10-12 people). Don’t worry though, this sociable mode of transport is popular with locals and you won’t have to wait very long.

Taxi from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

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One of the easiest, but by far the most expensive way to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is by taxi. It’s ideal if there are a few of you travelling together to split the cost. You can hail a taxi from almost anywhere in Tel Aviv, but always remember to agree a price before you depart or ask the driver to turn on the meter. It’s also worth remembering some taxi drivers charge extra for luggage, more passengers, and to transport you during Shabbat, so be sure to clarify this first. The cost will usually be around $75 USD one way with a journey time of around an hour.

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