Getting To And From Dubrovnik Airport

Getting to and from Dubrovnik Airport

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Whether you’ve come for the iconic Game of Thrones filming locations or the city’s charming and historical ruins, one thing is for certain. Dubrovnik’s picturesque cobblestone streets will leave you feeling like you’ve traveled to an enchanted world. Getting to and from Dubrovnik Airport is easy, with options ranging from public buses to private transfers. The only question is, where to stay and what to do upon arrival? Our Dubrovnik City Guide is chock full of ideas. Tours like the Dubrovnik Day Tour and the nighttime pub crawl, are great ways to experience the city. Keep reading to discover ways to make your travel in Dubrovnik easy as can be!

Where is Dubrovnik Airport?

Getting to and from Dubrovnik Airport

Attracting hundreds of thousands of travelers every year, Dubrovnik is Croatia’s crown jewel. The city’s cobblestone streets, idyllic seaside location, and great hotel options make it a must on most travelers’ bucket lists. So, while there is plenty more to explore in Croatia, you’ll probably want to head directly into this postcard-perfect town. Dubrovnik’s airport is officially named Cilipi Airport, after the town where it is located. After Zagreb and Split, this is Croatia’s third busiest airport, welcoming hundreds of thousands of travelers each year. It’s conveniently located just 15 km from the city, so there are plenty of ways to get to downtown Dubrovnik.

Cilipi Airport by Bus

Taking public transportation in a foreign country can sometimes be a fun adventure in itself – and this is the case in Dubrovnik. If you’re up for an adventure, buses no. 11 and 27 travel regularly between the airport and Dubrovnik. Plus, you can transfer to other buses if your final destination is somewhere in between. A one-way ticket will cost you just 15 HRK if purchased on the bus itself. But it goes for just 12 HRK if you manage to purchase beforehand at a newspaper stand.

Cilipi Airport by Shuttle

One of the most convenient ways to travel between the airport and Dubrovnik’s city center is through its airport shuttle. Departures from the airport into Dubrovnik are scheduled around flight arrival times and take you directly to the Dubrovnik central bus station in 30 to 40 minutes. Shuttles from Dubrovnik to the airport are usually scheduled 90 minutes before domestic flights and 2 hours before international flights.

Cilipi Airport by Taxi

As expected, Dubrovnik Airport has its own taxi stand with plenty of black-and-white licensed cabs at the ready. A trip to downtown Dubrovnik will usually cost around 250 HRK and can take around 20 minutes. But if your final destination is inside the walled city, there’s something important to consider. Your taxi will have to leave you at Pile Gate as this part of Dubrovnik is pedestrian-only.

Cilipi Airport by Private Transfer

For a truly hassle-free travel experience, there is nothing better than arranging a private transfer to or from the airport. With its door-to-door service, a private transfer will take you straight from the airport arrivals to your final destination (or vice versa). The driver will assist you with your luggage and give you any additional local tips you may request in English. If you want to experience the ultimate convenience of getting to and from Dubrovnik airport, consider arranging a private transfer!

How to get from the airport to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city with many hidden gems off the beaten track. While it’s entirely possible to get from the airport and into the city with any of the above methods, why not make your stay the best it can be? Tour packages like the Dubrovnik & Kotor 6 Day Tour Package are a great way to roll all of Dubrovnik’s highlights and off-the-beaten-path experiences into one fabulous journey. But whether you choose to go it alone or you participate in a tour or package, Dubrovnik is sure to delight you.

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