How To Get From Menara Airport To Marrakesh

Menara Airport
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Menara Airport is situated 7.4 kilometers (about 4.6 miles) from the city center of Marrakesh. There are a number of ways you can travel to the city once your flight has landed at the airport. If you do not have any Moroccan Dirham, it is well worth changing some cash at the airport for any fares you will need to pay, as not all drivers and services accept credit cards. Read on to learn how to get from Menara Airport to Marrakesh.


The airport operates a regular shuttle bus service (Line 19) and this leaves from the terminal building every 30 minutes between 06.30 and 23.30. The ticket costs 30 MD per person (50 MAD for a return ticket). It is a direct bus service and you will be getting off at Jemaa Fna. Sometimes local people will try to persuade you that the bus is not running so that you will choose to take their taxi instead!


Moroccan Taxi Airport Marrakesh

Taking a taxi is a good alternative as it is not much more expensive and the journey takes only 15 minutes. There are two types of taxis available in Marrakech. The first type is the ‘Petit Taxi’ which is a beige colored, private taxi that carries up to three passengers, while the Grand Taxis are a shared taxi that carry more passengers. The taxi fares are fixed, but after 21.00 (20.30 in the winter) there is an extra 50% surcharge. Some taxi drivers do try to charge more than the official rates so double check the fare before you get into the taxi – the cost should be less than 50 MAD. Taxi drivers only accept cash.

Private Bus

Another alternative is to organize in advance a private minibus transfer to your hotel or stay. The fare is slightly higher than a taxi, but it is so convenient as the driver will be waiting for you in Arrivals and will take you straight to wherever you need to go with no fuss and no muss.

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