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Arguably the least visited country on Earth, Saudi Arabia has only just opened its doors to international tourism. If you’ve been wondering what you’ve been missing all these years, look no further than our Saudi Arabia tours. This desert kingdom has a whole host of attractions that are only now being discovered. Its poster child is the rock-cut mausoleums of Madain Saleh in Al Ula, sometimes known as Saudi’s Petra. But put your gaze beyond their finely-carved walls and you’ll witness gazelle and rare Nubian lynx in Altubaiq National Reserve. Elsewhere you have the chance to encounter the Bedouin living authentic lives in the desert. Then take in the modern face of the kingdom in Riyadh, whose face seems to change on a daily basis. Our Saudi Arabia tours are available from Eilat, Aqaba, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. They are your gateway to the multitude of attractions that await in this once closed nation.

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