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Our Portugal tours take you to the heart of what it means to be Portuguese. Not only will you see the sights, but also experience the culture and heritage of the country. One of the best places to start is the capital, Lisbon. It was largely rebuilt to an impressive scale after an earthquake in 1755 and is one of Europe’s most laid-back cities. Or head north, to Porto, made famous by the export of the Douro Valley’s sumptuous wines over centuries. Better yet, head to the Azores, whose Atlantic position has given them a landscape of verdant volcanic slopes. Unsure where to start? Our Portugal tours take in the Algarve to the south and the medieval walled cities of the border with Spain. They guide you through the country’s complex history, without loading you down with facts and figures. And they open up the culture, from its cuisine to its traditional Fado music. All so you can return home with a real understanding of this magical country.

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