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If anywhere is worthy of the hype it has received in recent years it’s Iceland. And we’re not just saying that because of our range of Iceland tours. Where else can you find a modern liberal democracy whose population still believes in fairies? Or a nation so at peace with its place in the world it doesn’t even have an army? It’s a position even more impressive when you consider the wealth of attractions this land of ice promises. By day it’s possible to take in geysers and volcanic vents. While by night, attractions include the northern lights, midnight sun, and some of northern Europe’s coolest bars. Explore by jeep, buggy, snowmobile, or on the back of an Icelandic pony. Take insights as diverse as breaching whales and the humble structure of Reykjavik cathedral. Pay a visit to the Althing, the world’s oldest parliament, or tick off the icebergs cleaving from glaciers on black sand beaches. If you can dream it up, it probably exists in Iceland. Join us for one of our Iceland tours and find this out for yourself!

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