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While forming an integral part of the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a culture and heritage all of its own. No trip to the region is therefore complete without taking in the many delights of this former Yugoslav republic. If you’re stuck on where to start, look no further than our Bosnia and Herzegovina tours. With us, you can be sure of capturing the spirit of this relatively new nation with a long history. Connecting cultures in more ways than one, Mostar’s rebuilt Ottoman bridge is a must-see. But the sights don’t stop there. The countryside shifts from alpine meadows, to forests, to high mountain peaks. They are home to both tight-knit communities and free-roaming bears. Meanwhile, its cities are awash with significance, with Sarajevo the famed ignition point for the First World War. From ancient bazaars to exquisite vistas, the country has hidden gems aplenty. Let us do all the hard work in finding them, by joining one of our Bosnia and Herzegovina tours.

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