Do you start your day in downward facing dog and end cross-legged on your meditation cushion chanting a mantra? Do you love all things chia, kale, and matcha? Are you looking to disconnect and take control of your life and your mental and physical well being? Our curated-wellness tours are suitable for a broad range of consumers, whether you are an advanced yogi seeking enlightenment or a business exec desiring to slow down and take a break from connectivity and responsibilities. Discover a new nation while tuning into your body and enhancing your own holistic being. Find the most zen parts of a country, where to scour the best green smoothies, and where the most spiritual spot is to do sunset yoga under a sky full of twinkling stars. Develop a more positive and respectful relationship with yourself while learning techniques to manage the stress and anxiety that pops up in daily life. Every tour offers a unique experience, but all help you achieve that restart to your equilibrium that you are striving for.