Pella & Vergina Tour from Thessaloniki

Pella & Vergina Tour from Thessaloniki

Starts in: Thessaloniki Available: Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday (varies seasonally)
Guided Tour
Air Conditioned Transport
8 hour tour
$59per person
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Pella & Vergina Tour from Thessaloniki Highlights


Enjoy a tour of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia - Pella


Explore Vergina, the first capital of the glorious Kingdom of Macedonia


Discover the birthplace of Alexander the Great


Appreciate some rare artifacts from ancient Macedonian times in the Pella Museum


Learn from your expert guide the stories and history of Pella and Vergina

Why we chose this tour

Macedonia was, at one point, the largest empire in the world and feared for their military might. Explore the ruins of this ancient powerhouse, browsing works of art, burial tombs, and ancient coinage. Walk where Aristotle and Alexander the Great did, and learn about the important scientific, strategic, and artistic contributions of this peerless dynasty.

Our Our Pella & Vergina Tour from Thessaloniki takes you on a magical journey to the past when you visit Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great and a hotbed of cultural growth, and Vergina, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia and the crossroads between Balkan and Mediterranean culture. Macedonia was renowned for their contributions to art, science, and military strategy, all of which can be seen in the remaining ruins. Your tour begins in Pella, where you can visit the museum and various archaeological sites. Aristotle did the majority of his important work directly after tutoring Alexander the Great: walk the same paths that this military conqueror and philosopher did. Admire the mosaic floors that used to adorn the floors of the city’s mansions, and include depictions of the Abduction of Helen, the Deer Hunt, and the Amazonmachy.

The second half of your day will be spent in Vergina, home to the ruins of Aigai. This staggering palace is widely considered one of the largest and most lavish buildings of ancient Greece, and its well-preserved mosaics and stucco decorations give you a glimpse of the opulence in which the ancient Greeks lived. The museum is considered one of the most gorgeous in Greece, and contains the tomb of King Phillip the 2nd, golden artifacts, and remnants from the Bronze and Neolithic ages. After a day filled with rare beauty and an abundance of knowledge, make your way back to Thessaloniki to unwind.


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Pella & Vergina Tour from Thessaloniki Itinerary

8:00 - Pickup from Thessaloniki
  • You will be picked up from centralized locations.
Guided tour of the archaeological site of Pella
  • Discover the ancient kingdom of Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great.
  • Explore the famous Mosaic floors and learn from you expert guide more about this fabulous excavation site.
  • Take your time to admire the rare artifacts of a different time in the Pella Museum
Guided tour of Vergina
  • Your next stop will be the ancient capital of the Macedonian Kingdom - Vergina
  • You have the chance to visit one of the most impressive museums of Greece.
  • You will explore with your guide the royal tomb of King Phillip the 2nd, Alexander the Great’s fathe,r and many ancient artifacts.
  • Enjoy some free time for lunch before departing to Thessaloniki
17:00 - Drop off in Thessaloniki
  • You will be dropped off at the same location you were picked up from.
NB - all timings on Pella & Vergina Tour from Thessaloniki are approximate
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Transportation to and from Thessaloniki by luxury bus
Fully guided tour 
Entrance fees (approx. 20 Euro per person)
Lunch and drinks
Personal travel insurance
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