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Why we chose this tour

Our Best of Cairo Day Tour is the perfect introduction to the ancient wonders of Cairo. From the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx to the original Egyptian capital of Memphis and magnificent temples, you'll watch history come to life as you explore these incredible feats of a long-gone civilization.

Tour Highlights


Visit the ancient and magnificent Pyramids of Giza


See the Great Sphinx and the Valley Temple, where the creator of the Sphinx was mummified


Explore the tombs at Saqqara and the Step Pyramid Complex, believed to be the first building in the world made entirely from stone


See the colorful inside of a pyramid
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Wander through the open-air museum at Memphis, Egypt's ancient capital

Tour Description

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Our Best of Ancient Cairo Day Tour will take you to explore many wonders of the ancient world, both those you’ve heard about as well as some more obscure, yet equally fascinating sites. Start your morning with pickup from your hotel in Cairo and drive to the Giza Necropolis, where you will visit the Great Pyramid, its two smaller cousins, and the Great Sphinx. One of the largest sculptures on Earth, you’ll no doubt be in awe of the Sphinx, which towers at 20 meters high and 73 meters long. Next, check out the beautiful Valley Temple, where the creator of the Great Sphinx was mummified.


Your last stop for the morning will be Saqqara, where you’ll visit the Step Pyramid Complex. There, you’ll have the option to enter the Pyramid of Teti. It may be cramped inside, but it is worth it to get a glimpse of one of the most colorful interior of any pyramid built at the time. Finally, enter one of the tombs of the nobles in Saqqara, where you will see many depictions of daily life in Egypt painted on the walls in brilliant colors.


After a delicious and authentic Egyptian lunch at a local restaurant, you’ll make your way to Memphis for the last part of your Best of Ancient Cairo Day Tour. The ancient capital city of Egypt, Memphis is a treasure trove of antiquities and a highlight of Cairo for any history or architecture buff. Make your way through the open-air museum, visiting the alabaster sphinx, the second-largest sphinx in Egypt, as well as the giant broken statue of Rameses II. After a long and fulfilling day, your guide will return you to your hotel with a new wealth of knowledge to bring home.

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Itinerary - Best of Cairo Day Tour

Pickup from your hotel (7:00)

Tour the Pyramids, Great Sphinx, and Valley Temple (approx 3 hours)

Tour Saqqara (approx 1 hour)

Option to enter a pyramid.

Lunch (approx 1 hour)

Enjoy an authentic Egyptian meal.

Tour Memphis (approx 3 hours)

Learn about the role of papyrus in ancient Egyptian civilization.

Return to your hotel (17:00)

Important details

Transportation - air conditioned vehicle from Taba to Cairo and around the city
Guided tour of all sites
Entrance fees to all sites
Bottled water
Personal travel insurance
Any discretionary tips for guide/driver
Personal expenses
Drinks and snacks
What to Bring
Walking shoes
Water and snacks
Hat and sunscreen
Essential Information
Please contact us if you would like to arrange a pickup from the airport instead of your hotel.
Note for single travelers: There will be a single supplement fee of $95 if you are the only passenger on the tour. Single travelers should contact us prior to booking to check if others have booked the tour on their desired date of travel. If so, we will waive this fee.
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