3 Day Saudi Arabia & Madain Saleh Tour from Riyadh

3 Day Saudi Arabia & Madain Saleh Tour from Riyadh

Starts at: Riyadh Available: Every day
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3 Day Saudi Arabia & Madain Saleh Tour from Riyadh Highlights


See Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO marvel- the ancient Nabatean kingdom at Madain Saleh


Explore elaborate carved facades and learn about the history of the fascinating ancient kingdom


Learn about local handicrafts and enjoy authentic local cuisine at Saudi Arabia’s second-oldest school


Take a 4x4 adventure into the beautiful wilderness of Sharaan Nature Reserve


See Dedan, a lesser-known remarkable ancient city, as well as Elephant Rock

Why we chose this tour

Windswept deserts, ancient ruins, wildlife-filled landscapes, local traditional handicrafts, and fascinating history - discover it all with our 3 Day Saudi Arabia & Madain Saleh Tour From Riyadh. Madain Saleh is Saudi Arabia’s most iconic and popular historical site, a UNESCO World Heritage marvel that will transport you back thousands of years to the ancient Nabatean kingdom. There, you’ll find 111 monumental tombs, some decorated with majestic facades on the sandstone massifs such as Jibal Ithlib. You’ll travel to Dedan, an ancient oasis, for other fascinating archeological remnants attesting to thousands of years of human history and the influences of different cultures and empires that took hold of the region. You’ll enjoy incredible scenery and wildlife at Sharaan Nature reserve, enjoy local cuisine and handicrafts, and see natural wonders like Elephant Rock. This jam-packed 3-day adventure is a unique off-the-beaten-path experience that highlights the history, culture, and nature of the Al Ula region of Saudi Arabia, with your choice of stay at an eco-farm accommodation or a 4-star resort hotel. This tour is available every day year round.

You’ll kick of the tour with a visit to a local farm which houses the second-oldest school in Saudi Arabia, that works to preserve traditional handicrafts of the region. After a homecooked meal that showcases Al Ula’s local cuisine, you’ll head off into the wild beauty of the Sharaan Nature reserve with wilf animals, red-rock canyons, deserts and fields of wildflowers. You’ll get a guided tour of the most iconic historical site in Saudi Arabia, Madain Saleh, the second-largest city in the Nabatean kingdom whose capital was Petra. See fascinating and astounding ancient tombs and other remnants of the legendary kingdom. You’ll visit the ancient oasis of Dedan and see the remnants of a kingdom with its own unique local culture, language, and alphabet that flourished from the 6th century until the 2nd century BCE. And lastly, you’ll see Elephant Rock or Jabal Al Fil, a natural geographical marvel hewn by millennia of natural erosion. From man made to natural wonders, this is truly an adventure with being in Saudi Arabia! 

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3 Day Saudi Arabia & Madain Saleh Tour from Riyadh Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival
  • Arrive independently to Al Alu Airport from Riyadh. The 6 am flight is recommended in order to ensure a smooth itinerary.
  • After your arrival at Riyadh airport, you will be transported to the second-oldest school in Al Ula.
  • You’ll learn about the local traditional handicrafts passed down through generations and enjoy a delicious lunch of homemade cuisine.
  • Then, head out into the wild natural beauty of Sharaan nature reserve in a vintage 4x4.
  • The sprawling 1500 kilometer reserve features landscapes of red rock canyons, wildflower-carpeted fields and vast desert vistas.
  • Learn about the reserve, established to protect the delicate local ecosystem.
  • Return to Al Ula.
  • Overnight at accommodations in Al Ula.
Day 2 - Madain Saleh
  • Head out to see Saudi Arabia’s most famous attraction: Madain Saleh.
  • Marvel at the incredible ancient tombs and elaborate facades of this ancient Nabatean city, formerly known as Hijra.
  • Learn all about the ancient history of Madain Saleh and its wider surrounding region, getting a glimpse into the lives of its former inhabitants.
  • See the 19th century station of the Ottoman-era Hejaz Railway that linked Damascus to Makkah, and remnants of triclinium (diwan in Arabic) - three-bench forms where people would sit and watch musicians play.
  • Then head to Elephant rock, or Jabal Al Fil, to see this red sandstone sculpture “carved” by thousands of years of natural erosion.
  • Then you will head to fascinating Dedan to see the remnants of its ancient kingdom, whose culture mixed Arabian traditions with influences of surrounding empires.
  • See the Lion Tombs of Dedan, remarkable remnants that hint at the region’s Mesopotamian influence.
  • After a day chock full of adventure, return to your accommodations for the evening.
  • Overnight in Al Ula.
Day 3 - Departure
  • You will be transported to the Al Ula Airport in accordance with your departure time
NB - all timings on 3 Day Saudi Arabia & Madain Saleh Tour from Riyadh are approximate
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