Japanese Samurai Experience – 10 Day Tour Package

Japanese Samurai Experience – 10 Day Tour Package

Starts in: Tokyo Available: Every day (varies seasonally)
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10 days tour
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Japanese Samurai Experience – 10 Day Tour Package Highlights


Dive into the ancient world of the iconic samurai warriors


Explore the streets of Tokyo from top to bottom


Learn about traditional sword and washi paper-making


Go off the beaten track to visit the magnificent Magome and hike along the Nakasendo


Enjoy an intimate 8 person tour through gorgeous Japan

Why we chose this tour

Our Japanese Samurai Experience - 10 Day Tour Package takes you into ancient Japan to explore the life and times of the iconic samurai warriors with an expert guide leading your way. From artisanal sword-making studios where you'll meet the masters and historic monasteries where you'll meditate with monks, you'll explore quaint towns like Magome and bustling metropolises like Tokyo, both with a guide and on your own, to learn all there is to know about these historic warriors. Dive into long-gone ages of history filled with fascinating characters, strict codes of honor, and captivating legends while you taste traditional foods and sleep in historic family homes, renovated with state-of-the-art amenities. This tour is available every day with seasonal variations and leaves with guaranteed departures.

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Japanese Samurai Experience – 10 Day Tour Package Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival in Tokyo
  • Once you've arrived in Tokyo, meet your expert guide in the lobby to start your orientation tour of this thrilling city.
  • Your journey into the past of the honor-bound samurai begins with a visit to the Shinjuku Samurai Museum, an interactive collection of exhibits where visitors can watch mock sword fights and try on replica armor.
  • You'll get a basic introduction to the life and history of samurai, preparing you for the rest of this adventure.
  • If you'd like, you can also book a private transfer from Haneda or Narita Airport.
  • Overnight in Tokyo.
Arrival In Tokyo
Day 2 - Tokyo City Tour
  • Trek through the streets of Tokyo on a tour designed to show you the variety of wonders hidden behind the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Your first stop is the Hamarikyu Garden, a landscaped garden that's served as everything from a shogun's private escape to grounds for duck hunting.
  • It's decorated with replica duck blinds, seawater ponds that fall and rise with the tide, and a traditional teahouse.
  • Get a better sense of the city's size and layout with a cruise across Tokyo Bay where you can admire the glittering skyline and astounding skyscrapers.
  • Make your way to Sensoji Temple after your cruise: it's the oldest, most colorful, and most popular temple in the entire city.
  • Enter through the imposing Kaminarion, or the Thunder Gate, and hear the story of its founding.
  • Enjoy the city from a new viewpoint with a visit to Skytree, the tallest tower in the world that holds an incredible observation tower overlooking the maze of Tokyo, and beyond.
  • Come back to ground-level to tour the iconic Akihabara District, home to everything from maid cafes to some of the world's most famous electronics stores.
  • You can even dress up as your favorite anime character to careen across the streets in a thrilling go-cart ride!
  • End the day at Shibuya Crossing, the scramble pedestrian crossing that's the largest in the world and can have up to 3,000 people hurrying across its walks at once.
  • The evening is yours for the taking, we recommend heading to Ginza for traditional soba and sushi for the freshest seafood in the city.
  • Overnight in Tokyo (Breakfast included).
Visit The Famous Shibuya Crossing In Tokyo
Day 3 - Shinkansen Train to Nagoya
  • Meet your guide at the hotel and then take a shinkansen, the 200 miles per hour bullet train, from Tokyo to Nagoya.
  • Once you've arrived, you'll be taken to your hotel for check-in and given the day to explore the city on your own.
  • Halfway between Tokyo and Kyoto, Nagoya is a perfect blend of the two and rife with chances to dive into Japanese culture and history.
  • For an easy start to the day, head to the Tokugawa Art Museum to admire the expansive exhibits and landscape garden.
  • Ramp things up with a visit to Osu Kannon, one of the most popular areas of the city, to grab lunch, do some shopping, and soak in the atmosphere of the town.
  • Spend the afternoon at the iconic Nagoya Castle, the world's largest planetarium at the Nagoya City Science Museum, or do some more shopping at the underground Oasis 21.
  • For dinner, we recommend trying barbecued eel, hitsumabushi, or some fried chicken wings, tebasaki, both of which are local specialties.
  • Overnight in Nagoya (Breakfast included).
Take The Shinkansen Train To Nagoya
Day 4 - Inuyama City Tour
  • After breakfast, meet your guide to take a train to Inuyama, a key transportation hub, strategic hold, and the site of many battles throughout the centuries that is surrounded by stunning natural scenery.
  • Tour the town around the city's famous castle on a comprehensive walking tour, and then have lunch at a nearby soba and tempura restaurant.
  • Spend the afternoon at the famous Inuyama Castle and hear stories about its legendary past and discover what makes it so special.
  • Built in 1537, this is one of only 12 castles in all of Japan that hasn't undergone reconstruction since the Edo period, and gives you a unique glimpse into the ancient past.
  • This 16th-century samurai castle was built in the Yamajiro style, overlooking the Kiso River that flows nearby and one of only 5 castles in Japan with the honor of being a National Treasure.
  • Walk its hallowed halls and expansive grounds with your guide as you learn about the life of samurai in the distant past, and how they spent their time day today.
  • After your tour of the castle, return to your hotel in Nagoya and spend the evening on your own.
  • Overnight in Nagoya (Breakfast included).
Discover The Famous Inuyama Castle On The 10 Day Samurai Experience Package Tour
Day 5 - Meditation, Monk Training Experience & Swordsmith Visit in Seki
  • Meet your guide and head to Seki, a town famous for its production of fine knives and swords, by private car through the scenic landscape of Japan's rolling hills.
  • Take a dive into Iaido, an ancient martial art that focuses on 4 things: carefully drawing the sword from its saya scabbard, striking and cutting an opponent, how to remove blood from your blade, and controlling the return of the sword into the saya.
  • Watch a demonstration of this art, and then visit the Seki-Zenko Ji Temple for a guided Zen meditation and monk training experience.
  • The Buddhist temple was founded in 642 when one of the oldest Buddhist statues in Japan was imported from the Korean Peninsula.
  • Enjoy lunch at a nearby omelet rice restaurant or whatever fits your fancy before visiting a master swordsmith at his atelier.
  • A 1,000-year-old art form that was perfected in this city, you'll learn more about how Japanese steel became so universally prized and what makes it unique.
  • After the visit, check-in at your hotel, a replica of a traditional family home with amenities like a stone sauna and authentic furnishings, and then enjoy a traditional dinner with the group.
  • Overnight in Seki (Breakfast and dinner included).
Monk Training & Meditation Experience On The 10 Day Samurai Experience Package Tour_44_7
Day 6 - Sword Making Artisan and Washi Paper Town Tour in Seki
  • Today is the day you dive into some of Japan's most famous handicrafts, knife-smithing, and washi paper-making.
  • Start the day with a visit to meet some of the sword-making artisans here in the city of blades, learning about how the steel is sourced, processed, and folded to create the highest quality products.
  • There are only a handful of smiths licensed to make katanas, and 10 of them reside in Seki after years of studying under a master and honing their art.
  • Each of these skilled craftsmen is only allowed to make 2 katanas a month, and the blade must come with a certificate to prove its authenticity.
  • Enjoy a traditional unagi lunch before taking a walking tour through the washi paper section of the city.
  • Brought to Japan in 610 CE, this style of making paper is called sekishu-banshi and produces some of the highest quality paper available.
  • Popularized in the Edo period, the paper was designated an Important Intangible Cultural Property in 1969.
  • Learn more about how this paper has been so important to Japanese culture for centuries and the traditional methods for making it.
  • After, return to the hotel for some rest and a group dinner.
  • Overnight in Seki (Breakfast and dinner included).
Sword Making Artisan On The 10 Day Samurai Experience Package Tour_44_5
Day 7 - Seki City Tour
  • Get to know the city of Seki and the stunning countryside that surrounds it, with this full-day guided tour of all the highlights!
  • Start with an easy hike through the nearby mountains, walking winding dirt paths through the pine forests and past sparkling streams as you learn more about the natural treasures of this region.
  • Continue with the calming beauty of the Monet Pond, famous for its resemblance to the famous painter's works and home.
  • With neon-colored lily pads, glistening koi gliding through the crystalline waters, and its peaceful charm, don't forget to snap a few photos to keep the beauty alive, even after your tour.
  • Stop next at the Shinto Nemichi Shrine, a Shinto water shrine with a unique design that's surrounded by 500-year-old pine trees on every side.
  • Take some time on your own to grab lunch in the city, and then head to the Katana Museum and Shop.
  • It houses the world's largest collection of Japanese swords, suits of armor, and other martial accessories that you can't find anywhere else.
  • It's the perfect place to dive into the history of the samurai and surround yourself with pieces from their everyday lives.
  • After this visit, return to Nagoya for a free evening and some rest when you've checked into the hotel.
  • Overnight in Nagoya (Breakfast included).
Visit Seki The Capital Of Samurai Swords Discover The 10 Day Samurai Experience Package Tour_44_8
Day 8 - Magome Hiking Tour
  • Leave Nagoya to make your way to magnificent Magome, a famous ancient postal town that used to connect Tokyo to Kyoto.
  • Today, it's famous as one of Japan's most beautiful towns and scattered with traditional wooden houses and historic waterwheels, and the starting point for a number of hikes along the Nakasendo.
  • The Nakasendo was one of the 5 routes of the Edo period used to move communications and connected Kyoto to Edo.
  • With 69 waystations and incredible natural beauty on either side of the winding path, you're sure to take a hike you'll cherish.
  • Revel in the rustic atmosphere as you make your way through the dense forests, learning more about Japan's ancient history and former glories.
  • Along the way, you'll have free time to dine at a restaurant along the trail before returning to Nagoya for a free evening in the city.
  • Overnight in Nagoya (Breakfast included).
Hike The Historic Path Of Nakasendo Starting From Magome On The 10 Day Samurai Experience Package Tour
Day 9 - Return to Tokyo by Shinkansen Train
  • Meet with your guide and make your way to the train station to depart for Tokyo by shinkansen, heading to your hotel for check-in and then spend the day exploring the city on your own.
  • For foodies, a visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market for a stroll and lunch is an absolute must.
  • Once the home to the famous tuna auction where Bluefins were sold for millions of dollars, it's now a bustling area filled with shops and restaurants.
  • You can find and eat everything from the freshest fish to an arsenal of traditional Japanese ingredients.
  • We recommend trying some grilled oysters and fresh sea urchin alongside tamagoyaki, a sweet grilled egg omelet.
  • Continue to the Tokyo Tower, one of the city's most famous and most breathtaking monuments.
  • The white and orange exterior that resembles the Eiffel Tower is perfect for some dramatic shots while the observation decks offer unparalleled city views.
  • Sunset is the best time to visit, watching the lights of the skyline flick to life against the setting sun.
  • Or end your day at Odaiba, an artificial island in the bay housing a Gundam statue, a Statue of Liberty replica, the TeamLab Digital Art Museum, and a huge array of restaurants that are perfect for ending your days of touring.
  • Overnight in Tokyo (Breakfast included).
Visit Odaiba Island On The 10 Day Samurai Experience Package Tour
Day 10 - Departure from Tokyo
  • Today is the last day of your memorable tour package, and as sad as we are to see you go, we wish you safe travels wherever your journey takes you!
  • After breakfast, you can add an optional transfer to the airport, or continue your travels from Tokyo itself.
  • (Breakfast included)
Depart Japan Filled With Experiences Of The Samurai
NB - all timings on Japanese Samurai Experience – 10 Day Tour Package are approximate
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Important Details

All transportation (Shinkansen tickets, local trains and buses, and private cars)
Fully guided tour (day 1-9)
Meals: breakfast (day 2-10), dinners (day 5+6)
Accommodation in 3*,4* or 5* hotels
Entrance fees
Meals not mentioned & drinks
Optional airport transfers
Personal travel insurance
What to Bring
Walking shoes
Sunglasses & sunscreen
Reusable container for the watershrine
Essential Information
The minimum age required for the tour is 13 years old.
The tour requires a minimum of 2 people.
3* Hotels: Tokyo - Shinjuku Washington Hotel; Nagoya: Hotel Resol Nagoya; Seki: Baison Hotel
4* Hotels: Tokyo: Park Hotel; Nagoya: Hotel Resol Nagoya; Seki: Baison Hotel
5* Hotels: Tokyo: Conrad Tokyo; Nagoya: Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower; Seki: Baison Hotel
The Baison Hotel Seki, is a Japanese style hotel
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