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Negev Desert Tours

If you thought deserts were desolate places devoid of interest, think again. The Negev has stunning landscapes in abundance. But it is also the location of several authentic Bedouin towns, kibbutzim, and even vineyards. In short, the Negev Desert is as far from the traditional image of a desert as it’s possible to get. Join one of our Negev Desert tours, and all its wonders will be revealed. You have the chance to pay a visit to one of the Negev’s most historic kibbutzim. You’ll sit among the Bedouin and share in a traditional lunch. And you’ll have the opportunity to take in ancient sites such as Ein Avdat too. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for some of the region’s unexpected wildlife, such as a gazelle and wild asses. From Beersheba to Eilat, our Negev Desert tours have been created by experts to highlight the region. So why not head out into the arid sands with a guide and experience them all for yourself?

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