Dead Sea and Masada Tours

Slip away from the buzz of Israel’s fascinating cityscapes with our Dead Sea and Masada tours. Marvel at the natural miracle of the Ein Gedi oasis deep in the desert. Hike along the winding path to Masada as day breaks around you. Discover how this ancient fortress held back the might of the Roman Empire. Cool off with a swim in the Dead Sea. Reinvigorate tired muscles by covering yourself in the sea’s mineral-rich muds. Experience life in the Judean Desert. Wander among the remaining stones of the palace of King Herod, a key figure in the story of Christ’s birth. Even if you have just one day, our Dead Sea and Masada tours offer real insight into this ancient land. But if you’re looking for a longer vacation, check out our tours incorporating the rest of the region. Each are backed by our expert guides and behind-the-scenes team.

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