Top Experiences In Costa Rica

Top Experiences in Costa Rica

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Whether it’s your first time in Costa Rica or you’re practically a local, prepare to slow down and unwind in pura vida paradise. Costa Rica is a captivating country with an abundance of unique experiences to enjoy. If you’re seeking off-the-grid relaxation, extreme activities, or something in between, believe that Costa Rica has everything you desire and then some. Check out our top experiences in Costa Rica for some inspiration while planning your ultimate adventure.

Zip-line through Monteverde Cloud Forest

Ziplining in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is bursting with zip-line tours, but none are as spectacular as Sky Trek in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Spend your morning soaring through the misty canopy. Marvel as Capuchin monkeys swing from branches and colorful quetzal soar high above the treetops. There’s a network of trails and suspension bridges to navigate en route. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this tropical paradise from an elevated perspective with our Monteverde Cloud Forest tour.

Kayak to Tortuguero National Park

Nestled on Costa Rica’s northern Caribbean shores, Tortuguero National Park is only accessible by water. This breathtaking paradise is home to over 500,000 species of rare birds and wildlife. It’s a favorite for photographers and nature lovers. Although there are boats traversing the rivers, consider a kayak or canoe for the ultimate experience. Wind your way through labyrinth creeks and lagoons as howler monkeys attempt to attract your attention, caimans stealthily slip into the water, and macaws soar overhead. Throughout the year, Tortuguero National Park is a popular nesting spot for endangered green sea and leatherback turtles. They can be seen for miles along the protected coastline, freshly hatched, making their way into the sea for the first time. Undoubtedly one of the top experiences in Costa Rica! Explore it all on this 10-day adventure package tour that explores the area.

Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River

On the east coast, the Pacuare River is the perfect escape to lose yourself in unspoiled beauty for a few days. It’s also one of the world’s top destinations for whitewater rafting, so take advantage of the 19 miles of river to paddle out. Meander through tropical rainforests, cascading waterfalls, towering gorges, and thrilling Class III and IV rapids. Our Pacuare river rafting tour makes the whole experience safe, smooth and fun. After your whitewater adventure, retreat to an award-winning eco-lodge from our curated list of hotels. Enjoy traditional cuisine, indulge in a massage, or take a cooling sunset dip in one of the serene pools.

Go Off-Grid at Osa Peninsula

Corcovado National Park

If you’re searching for adventure off the beaten path, Osa Peninsula is destined to delight. This secluded hideaway is blanketed with golden beaches, azure waters, and emerald rainforests. Explore Corcovado National Park and its resident pumas, jaguars, and scarlet macaws. Or trawl the remote Caño Islands sprinkled with mysterious stone spheres, wild cocoa, and rubber trees. The Osa Peninsula is an off-grid paradise, where sunset skies are vibrant with ochre and indigo, and dolphins dip along the shoreline. If your ideal journey is centered on escapism, lose and find yourself at the Osa Peninsula.

Soar Above Arenal in a Hot Air Balloon

What better way to admire a simmering volcano than from a hot air balloon? In Arenal Volcano National Park, soar high over forest terrain, mountain villages, and towards the volcano itself. Balloon rides take just over an hour and can hold up to 5 people in a traditional wicker basket. It’s also possible to charter a private balloon for your own group. Bring a bottle of champagne for the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or even a proposal! Afterward, venture to Arenal’s famous hot springs to soak in the mineral-rich water, or sip on signature cocktails surrounded by tiki torches and the vibrant sounds of the rainforest. Our numerous tours in the area offer different experiences in the area, from sloth encounters to chocolate tasting. that Arenal has a host of beautiful hotels and lodges to complete this relaxing experience.

Wake up on a Coffee Plantation

Costa Rica Coffee Plantation

Costa Rica is renowned for its coffee culture. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the crop-to-cup process by staying on a coffee plantation and waking up at the source. To learn more, read our guide on Costa Rican coffee culture. Finca Rosa Blanca, a boutique farm close to San José, which offers full-day tours and overnight stays. Their unique experiences include picking beans, rating them, then learning how to brew a cup the Costa Rican way. In the evening you’ll feast on local cuisine. The next day, wake up bright and early to go bird-watching with a local guide. Our classic coffee tour will show you the ultimate way to explore Costa Rican coffee with style and ease.

Surf and Sun (Salutations)

Best surfing in Costa Rica

If your ideal holiday involves surfing and savasana, head straight to the Nicoya Peninsula. This stunning region, just a short flight from San José, is bursting with yoga retreats and surf spots. Anamaya Retreat invites guests to balance the mind, body, and spirit while developing new skills during their stay. From the luxurious resort, you can participate in beachfront yoga and learn how to ride the waves like a local!

There are so many attractions and experiences Costa Rica has to offer. You can go from ziplining through the jungle on one day to searing over a volcano in a hot air balloon in the next. Even the most seemingly mundane experiences turn into a celebration in Costa Rica. Just think of the way you will feel about your morning coffee after experiencing Costa Rican coffee culture! Ready to start planning your adventure in Costa Rica? Check out our 7-day Costa Rica itinerary. Or read about all of the best places to have the best night’s sleep with our guide on where to stay in Costa Rica. But if you’re looking for a more all-inclusive experience, check out our convenient package tours throughout the country. Combining a perfect balance of adventure, indulgence, and relaxation, these package tours are the ultimate solution to planning a Costa Rica trip.

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