Best Bars In Tel Aviv

Best Bars in Tel Aviv

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If New York is the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is its little sister, passed out on a sunbed after staying out all night then inhaling some 6 AM bourekas from the corner makolet. She’s crazy enough to make things interesting, but not enough to ruin your life. Take a page from her guidebook and sleep on the plane. Once you land, your sleep cycle is about to skip like a turntable. Tel Avivis prefer to catch their z’s and rays simultaneously. The nightlife has earned Tel Aviv its rightful reputation as “the non-stop city”. Whether your scene is a swanky rooftop or a bit of Florentin grunge, here are the best bars in Tel Aviv to keep you full of spirits, both literally and figuratively. See hotels in Tel Aviv and our local tours to figure out what to do in between bar hopping.


teder best bars tel aviv

For 6 years, TEDER.FM operated as an online radio station broadcasting from rotating bars around the city each summer. Finally settling down in a courtyard beneath one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, Eyal Shani’s Romano, the bar hosts a steady lineup of DJs, bands, and special events. To complement the fiery beats, Shani’s team serves up cool pitchers of beer and some of the best pizza outside of Italy to fuel your dance moves and get you going. It’s also just around the corner from the works featured in our urban art tour.

Jaffa Road 9, Tel Aviv


Bicicleta bar is a local favorite for cocktails and calamari skewers. They’re served up in a backyard garden that acts as an oasis from its neighboring Carmel Market. They also sell plants in their self-owned shop on site. Bicicleta’s menu is influenced by the local market, and changes daily depending on the seasonal ingredients. It’s the perfect spot for happy hour. Be sure to cleanse your palate in between sips with their famous homemade eggplant fries – positively addicting!

Nahalat Binyamin St, 29


Best Rooftop Bars Tel Aviv

If you prefer an upscale vibe and putting your name on a list, Speakeasy is your stage. The opulent rooftop bar on Rothschild Boulevard is the place to see and be seen any night of the week. While several bars in Tel Aviv may fit this bill, Speakeasy manages to pull it off while remaining popular with the locals. Its ultra-cool older brother downstairs, Jimmy Who?, offers a bit of an edge to the posh rooftop vibes, with most patrons heading downstairs after a few drinks to mingle with the underground crowd. It’s right on the route for some of our best stops in our Tel Aviv design guide.

Rothschild Blvd 24, Tel Aviv

Jimmy Who?

If you’re more claustrophilia than claustrophobic, Jimmy Who? is your haven. It’s windowless, Berlin bunker vibes attract Tel Avivis and tourists alike, who cram within its walls for exceptional music and strong drinks. The bar hosts local bands and DJs, mixing up a variety of indie, electronic, rock, and hip hop that never fails to get the crowd moving and shaking. Explore the area with our Bauhaus architecture tour.

Rothschild Blvd 24, Tel Aviv

Mondo 2000

bets rooftop bars tel aviv

Atop Florentin’s Levinsky Market, with panoramic views of the city, Mondo 2000 is a resto-bar-club with an eccentric vibe and funky music. A collaboration between foodies, DJs, artists, and those who love them, Mondo 2000 is a weekend-only extravaganza sure to escalate your day drinking well into the night and early morning. See the best of the city during daylight hours with our ultimate Tel Aviv tour.

Levinski St 39, Tel Aviv

Imperial Cocktail Bar

Gracing every ‘Best Bars in Tel Aviv’ list ever written, the Imperial is an absolute must for your bucket list. This is the place where bartenders go to be inspired. The White City serves as a muse for the resident mixologists, who create signature cocktails that tell a story about its eclectic places and faces. The menu illustrates the inspiration behind each cocktail in the description, so you can get a lesson in the local culture as you imbibe.

HaYarkon St 66, Tel Aviv


Upscale Bars Israel

Unassumingly situated above an office building, enter through an underground parking lot and take the elevator up to discover this rooftop bar with an exceptional view of the sea and skyline. Suramare’s menu is sophisticated yet reasonably priced. They serve Mediterranean-inspired flavors and an extensive cocktail list. Don’t leave without exploring their underground art gallery. It exhibits the work of local and international artists. 

Se’adya Ga’on St 24, Tel Aviv

Sexy Fish

When the night is winding down and your friends want to go home, drag them to the Sexy Fish instead. This late night sophisticated dive is the place to meet like-minded people, if your mind is set on greeting the sun as you exit. Just off the corner of Rothschild, there’s a good chance that the Sexy Fish is located not far from wherever you’re coming from. With sultry interior design and top-shelf alcohol, this place will carry you into the early hours of the morning until you’re ready for a strong coffee. Fortunately, Tel Aviv’s first kiosk is conveniently located just outside. Boker tov, you party animal!

Nahalat Binyamin St 63, Tel Aviv

The Chapel

Lounge Bar Jaffa Tel Aviv

If you’re the hedonistic type, you won’t want to miss this sinfully restored bar inside the Jaffa Hotel. The Chapel’s name pays homage to it’s previous life as The School of the Sisterhood of Saint Joseph. Now reincarnated into one of Tel Aviv’s most popular lounge bars, The Chapel retains its ethereal beauty. Its stained glass windows and elegant arches provide a decadent setting to contain the debauchery that ensues. It’s also near a number of hotels that we feature in our guide on where to stay in Tel Aviv.

 Louis Pasteur St 2, Tel Aviv

Trawling Tel Aviv

Some of the best bars in Tel Aviv offer you a jumping-off point to plan the rest of your travels. Take a look at our tours of Tel Aviv and hotels in Tel Aviv to help you craft the perfect itinerary for the city that never stops.

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