Tel Aviv Shopping Guide

Tel Aviv Shopping Guide

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You can check-off everything on your bucket-list in Tel Aviv, but if you haven’t gotten hopelessly lost inside Dizengoff center, were you even really here? The labyrinth-like design of Israel’s first mall creates the feeling of a city within a city. So its somewhat disorienting layout is intentional. The team of Israeli architects won the Rokach Prize for Architecture in 1983 for its design. Its presence in the Tel Aviv shopping scene has become iconic. 

Tel Aviv is a shopper’s paradise, with outdoor artisan markets and local designer shops sprinkled all over the city. If you’re feeling the food-court nostalgia vibe, Tel Aviv has you covered. Between the Tel Aviv Fashion Mall, Azrieli Center, Sarona Market, and the must-see OG: Dizengoff Center, you’re good. But after you practice getting lost in the simulated city and earned your Tel Aviv badge of honor, it’s time to hit the streets and discover the best Tel Aviv shopping.

Gan Hahashmal

Gan Hahashmal, which translates to “Electric Garden”, was Israel’s first neighborhood with an electric power plant in the 1920’s. Having fallen into decline, the area experienced a renaissance in the past few years. Local designers have taken up shop and even establishing their own kibbutz-style collective. Now one of Tel Aviv’s trendiest neighborhoods, Gan Hahashmal is home to dozens of designer boutiques, hip cafes, and Chelsy True Closet, arguably the best second-hand store in the city.

Located just south of Rothschild Boulevard

Nachalat Binyamin

nachalat binyamin market

This centrally-located pedestrian street is bursting with fabric stores and tiny shops selling knick-knacks, each owned by characters you’re sure to remember. Each Tuesday and Friday, Nachalat Binyamin hosts an open-air artisan market where you can find a variety of handmade keepsakes, eclectic artwork, and a father-son photography collaboration that celebrates Israel across generations. It’s the perfect place to get souvenirs and gifts that are high quality, while also supporting local artists. While there, check out the food at Shuk HaCarmel with a tasting tour.

Located along Nachalat Binyamin Street next to Shuk HaCarmel


Just a short walk from Gan Hahashmal by way of Rothschild Boulevard, you’ll find Sheinkin Street, a local Tel Aviv shopping favorite that leads to Shuk HaCarmel. Here you’ll find impossibly hip brands like Emanuel, Belle and Sue, and Story, along with local jewelry designers and bustling cafes filled with Tel Avivis. 

Located between Rothschild Boulevard and the Carmel Market


shabazi shopping tel aviv

In the southern end of the city lies one of Tel Aviv’s historical treasures and boutique shopping havens. Neve Tzedek was the first Jewish neighborhood, built as a suburb to the ancient port city of Jaffa in 1887. Today it is without a doubt one of Tel Aviv’s most charming neighborhoods, with a real estate price tag befitting its sea-side beauty. Neve Tzedek’s main street, Shabazi, is home to luxe designer boutiques and jewelry stores. For captivating prints or monochrome cool, head to Rosabella, FineLab, or Turquoise Swimwear Boutique. Prepare to splurge or indulge in some harmless window shopping. A few shops like She-Ra jewelry offer a range of truly breathtaking pieces for a variety of budgets. 

Located in Neve Tzedek

HaTachana (The Old Train Station)

At the end of Shabazi street, you’ll find Tel Aviv’s Old Train Station. This transported passengers and goods between Jaffa and Jerusalem between 1892-1948. HaTachana has since been transformed into a cultural center, filled with trendy shops and galleries while hosting concerts and farmers markets. Stop by Vaniglia ice cream shop for a cup or a cone to enjoy as you sit on a bench to people-watch. Then check-out cult favorites like Soho, Ahava, and Gaya cosmetics.

Located between Jaffa and Neve Tzedek


Noga, one of the city’s hidden gems, is a quaint and peaceful neighborhood. While there, enjoy the fountains, cafes, and designer boutiques like VAGUE, a gender-neutral concept store. Relatively quiet considering its appeal, the locals seem to prefer it this way as they sip coffee that enthusiasts will approve of, not that they seek anyone’s approval. Noga is cool and serene, with just a hint of an edge. A harmonious blend of Neve Tzedek chic and bohemian Jaffa, you won’t want to miss it.

Located at the entrance to Jaffa

Shuk Hapishpishim

jaffa tel aviv shuk hapishpishim

Quite possibly saving the best for last, head into Jaffa to lose yourself inside Shuk Hapishpishim, a Tel Aviv shopping haven. You’ll fall into another time as you wander the streets lined with shops selling carpets, stained glass lanterns, and indigo vases. The heart of the shuk is a flea market, where vendors display their wares and prepare to haggle.

Surrounding this area is a sprawling maze of designer shops, art galleries, and furniture stores. Head to Pieces and Uma on Beit Eshel Street and try not to fall in love with everything inside. Then wander over to the gallery of Nirit Levav Packer. They’re an artist who uses recycled materials to create captivating pieces sure to take your breath away. Because art is for the people, Packer has something for every budget. This includes small souvenirs and keepsakes to take home with you and keep Tel Aviv in your heart. 

Located in the heart of Old Jaffa

Trawling the Shops in Tel Aviv

Famous as the up and coming vegan capital of the world, Tel Aviv also boasts an array of shopping options to dazzle even the most seasoned spenders. Whether you want to stroll through flea markets or visit boutique eco designers, the city has you covered. While there, we highly recommend checking out the stunning design of the city. Or immerse yourself in the city’s street art while you travel between your destinations.

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