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Spa and Wellness Guide to Italy

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Italy may be known for its buzzy, bustling nature, but it’s also a great place to relax and unwind. The Italians really know how to let loose, so there are plenty of spa hotels and thermal baths dotted around the country, ensuring that you can have a truly relaxing vacation, wherever in Italy you choose to base yourself. From Tuscany’s famous thermal baths, to a Sicilian spa weekend away, when it comes to unwinding, we have you covered. Here is our guide to the best spa and wellness locations in Italy.

Spa Number Nine, Florence

Spa and Wellness guide to Italy Spa Number Nine, Florence

You’ll find pure relaxation at Spa Number nine, located in the Firenze Number Nine Wellness Hotel. This is the perfect place to escape the bustling atmosphere of Florence. The aim of the spa is to showcase Italian wellness at its best. They have a range of massages, facial and other beauty treatments available. There is also a sauna, Turkish baths and hydro massage; when it comes to wellness, this place has thought of everything. And why stop at just the spa? Book a few nights here and indulge in their 4-star rooms, complimentary gym and innovative cocktail bar, right in the heart of Florence.

Metropole Hotel Venezia Spa & Wellness, Venice

Metropole Hotel Venezia Spa & Wellness, Venice

Overlooking the lagoon, close to the famous Piazza San Marco lies the Metropole Hotel Venezia Spa & Wellness hotel. The spa’s influence is from Turkish hammams, so expect opulent d├ęcor fragrant rooms and dimmed lights. You can book a massage and also a ‘ritual,’ where you have full use of the hammam, from the hot steam bath, to the multi-sensory showers, to the icefall. These rituals are designed to relax and rejuvenate using ancient techniques. Perfect after a day out in Venice on one of our Venetian tours and experiences.

Castello Di San Marco Charming Hotel & Spa, Calatabiano

Castello Di San Marco Charming Hotel & Spa, Calatabiano

If you’re looking for a complete, holistic spa weekend, Castello Di San Marco in Calatabiano, Sicily will be for you. This 4-star hotel, close to Taormina is right on the waterfront. Its spa – Aquae Leonis – is second to none. The spa offers a number of programs to help revive and relax you in the most sensory way possible. You spend time in the Finnish sauna, aromatic steam bath, and jacuzzi with sea salt, or take one of their specialized treatments. These include massage, facials, body scrubs, and mud baths. The spa uses a specific, Italian line of products which are thought to be some of the best in the country. This hotel is located close to Taormina, so if you’re in that area, be sure to check out all the great experiences you can have in the town with our Taormina travel guide.

Tuscan Thermal Baths

Spa and Wellness Guide Italy 4

Tuscany is blessed with a wealth of thermal baths. Try Fosso Bianco, just south of Siena, for a magical experience. The village of Bagni San Filippo houses the pools where waters cascade down the rock faces into the sparkling blue pools beneath. This is a year-round experience, thanks to the heat of the thermal baths. No spa and wellness guide to Italy would be complete without mentioning them. If you’re looking to visit one of Tuscany’s thermal baths, Siena makes a great base, with its winding ancient cobbled streets, beautiful hotels and plenty of things to do.

Palazzo Parigi Hotel & Grand Spa Milan

The Palazzo Parigi hotel has what it calls a ‘grand spa’ – and grand is certainly the name for it. Spread out over 18,000 square feet, this is a spectacular wellness center. There are a wide range of natural beauty treatments on offer from massage to facials. The pool offers ‘counter current’ swimming and is the perfect place to relax for a few hours. The spa also has a Finnish sauna, an icefall, jacuzzi, and steam rooms. Finally, this center boasts an excellent health food restaurant, perfect for a post-swim snack or meal. What’s more, you’re just moments away from Milan’s shopping streets, making this a wonderfully located hotel and spa. It’s also the perfect starting point for a wine tasting in the city. If Milan is your city of choice, be sure to check out our 2 days in Milan itinerary, which would fit nicely around your spa time.

Vulcano, Sicily

Spa and Wellness Guide Italy 2

Vulcano is a small island just off Sicily, known for its thermal waters. The thermal springs and mud baths at Laghetto di Fanghi have been responsible for the island’s health and wellbeing for millennia. The island volcano heats the springs and rise to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for muscle and joint ache and thought to help bone disorders too. You can reach the springs in a short walk from the harbor. Be sure to check out our guide to where to stay in Sicily, if you plan to visit Vulcano.

Unwinding in Italy

Spa and Wellness Guide Italy 1

There isn’t a much better place to spend your time relaxing and reviving than in Italy, as our wellness and spa guide to Italy shows. You may arrive stressed, but you’re guaranteed to leave any one of these spa and wellness centers feeling calm, relaxed and content. Be sure to check out our resources on Italy. It’s complete with hand-picked hotels and great tours, to make the most out of your stay in the country.

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