Spa and Wellness Guide to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Wellness and Spas
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If you’re craving some relaxation and a chance to re-connect with yourself, check out our Spa and Wellness Guide to Costa Rica for the best restorative havens that the country has to offer. This Central American paradise is bursting with spa and wellness centers and serene lagoons sprinkled across its tropical terrain – ready to welcome you with open arms. From beach retreats to eco-friendly resorts overlooking coffee plantations, take your pick of the rainforest’s abundance and prepare to melt into gratitude and emerge restored.

Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort

Nestled beneath the towering peaks of Arenal volcano, Tabacon Grand Spa & Thermal Resort is a tropical paradise set on 900 acres amidst emerald rain-forest. The resort is known for its myriad spa treatments, luxurious accommodation and gourmet Costa Rican and international cuisine. However, most visitors venture here to relax in the resort’s natural pools and picturesque hot thermal springs. As you wind your way along canopy walkways rare botanical plants, flowers and wildlife spring into focus, and as you sit beneath the cascades of a waterfall, surrounded by colorful bird life, there’s no place you’d rather be in the world.

Spa and Wellness Guide to Costa Rica

Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Located in 250 acres of rain-forest, a short drive from the southern Caribbean coast, lies the beautiful Samasati Retreat. This relaxed lodge set among palms and bird life allows you to be at one with nature while enjoying modern home comforts and amenities. With fresh, clean air, running water and locally sourced gourmet food to enjoy, it’s a place to digitally detox and enjoy the natural embrace of the rain-forest. This premier retreat hosts yoga classes, nature hikes and rejuvenating spa treatments using natural Caribbean ingredients derived from the natural abundance of the rain-forest. Guests can enjoy reflexology sessions, Ayurvedic massage, decadent chocolate and coconut oil body treatments, and reiki during their stay.


EcoTermales in La Fortuna is the perfect place for a day trip. With a buffet-style restaurant, cocktail bar and natural hot springs on-site, you can relax and unwind before heading back to San José or your next destination. The physical-chemical composition in the waters of this retreat make it ideal for treating mental fatigue, stress and anxiety. The hyper-thermal hot springs are also renowned for their ability to treat dermatological conditions. To maintain the balance and harmony of nature, EcoTermales has 2 visitor schedules each day. You can visit between 9am and 4pm or from 4pm until 9.30pm. The evening option is especially serene, with tiki torches illuminating the pools and rain-forest surroundings.

Best Retreats in Costa Rica

Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

Designed to blend with nature, Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is environmentally friendly, offering a peaceful haven to re-balance mind and body. Set in a tranquil location near powdery beaches and the vibrant jungles of Nosara, they use sustainable practices throughout the resort including solar heating panels, a zero plastic initiative, and even have their own water treatment plant for irrigation. With Nosara Refuge nearby, guests can get up-close and personal to Howler, Spider and Capuchin monkeys and observe parrots and toucans as they soar freely above the trees. In addition to yoga, you can also use time spent here to learn Spanish, discover how to surf or paddle board and enjoy a variety of relaxing and invigorating massage, acupuncture, reiki and facial treatments in the luxurious spa.

Best Spa and Wellness Retreats in Costa Rica

AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Centre

No Spa and Wellness Guide to Costa Rica would be complete without this haven! Deep within the Central Valley of Costa Rica, AmaTierra is a rejuvenating Yoga eco-retreat and wellness centre. The resort offers daily Hatha Yoga classes for all levels of expertise in a jungle setting overlooking the valley. This retreat isn’t just about yoga either! Skilled practitioners offer massage, energy balancing sessions, meditation, and herbal and nutritional consultations to ensure that you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The Springs Resort & Spa

Boasting spectacular vistas of Arenal volcano, The Springs Resort & Spa is a sanctuary for discerning clientele seeking a luxurious wellness retreat in breathtaking surroundings. This spa hotel has been featured on CNN Travel as having one of the most incredible vistas in the world. It has also been a filming location for top TV shows like Keeping Up with The Kardashians. With natural hot mineral spas, pools and waterfalls overlooking the simmering volcano, it’s easy to see why people return year after year. The spa offers a variety of wraps and body massages utilizing botanical ingredients – including volcanic clay indigenous to this region of Costa Rica. Although you won’t want to leave the resort, there is also plenty to see and do nearby including horseback riding, rappelling, river kayaking and fishing.

Volcano in Costa Rica


Pachamama is no ordinary retreat, with an emphasis on trans-formative growth through a holistic approach. Located in Guanacaste province, this community focuses on healing from within, expanding the consciousness and transcending limitations. The six pillars of Pachamama include meditation, emotional healing, physical rejuvenation, red road – (connecting to nature and its elements), eco-village – (replanting trees and construction) and the celebration of music. This unique resort embodies the art of Costa Rica spa & wellness, making it the perfect place to go if you’re in need of a metamorphosis.

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