Seville Design Guide

Seville Design Guide

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When considering a Seville design guide, there’s an awful lot to take into consideration. Much of the city dates from a golden age that ended several centuries ago. However, Seville is also not shy of more modern design. You can explore some of the best contemporary design in our guide on where to stay in Seville. These newer structures incorporate all walks of the city’s Andalusian heritage, from its restaurants, to its hotels and stores. You can learn more about the incredible women that helped mold this city on our women of Seville walking tour. Check it all out below.


Metropol Parasol

Contemporary design Seville

Entirely made out of wood, Metropol Parasol is part sculpture and part building. It consists of six parasols linked together across four stories. It is located in what was once nothing more than a car park within Seville’s Old Quarter. Designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer, it rises more than 26 meters over the surrounding streets. Metropol Parasol also claims to be the largest wooden structure in the world. You can learn more about it on our insider Seville city tour. Its honeycomb, mushroom-like shape has panoramic terraces offering views across the city. In its basement, visitors will also discover Moorish and Roman-era foundations and artefacts discovered during the construction.

Pl. de la Encarnación, s/n, 41003, Seville

Expo ‘92 Site

92 Expo Seville Design

Seville witnessed 41 million people visit its international exposition in 1992. Its series of pavilions, housing exhibits from around half the countries of the world, were meant to last just six months. And while many were removed, many remain, making for an unusual attraction for design fans. This is especially true since much of the area has become a research park called Catuja 93. Still more have been taken over by the Isla Magica theme park. Hinting at what we thought the future might look like, attractions include the conical towers of the Avenue of Europe. Also look out for the Japanese and Moroccan pavilions, among others. See if you can catch a glimpse on our Seville rooftop tour.

La Isla de la Catuja, Seville

La Adriatica Building

Gorgeous Architectural Design

Like almost no other building in Seville, La Adriatica Building was constructed for a leading insurance company between 1914 and 1922. Eclectic, and some would say kitsch, it incorporates elements suggestive of Seville’s Islamic past in a playful manner. A stripy dome of glazed tiles at its very top, and an arched first-floor balcony are only just the start. You can add it as a stop on our customizable e-Bike tour, and explore other incredible sites with our guide to the best things to do in Seville.

Avenida de la Constitución



Seville Design Guide Restaurants

The ultra-modern interior of Casaplata was inspired by the muted still lives of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi. Here, flamingo pink and butter yellow furniture stands out against a palette of sophisticated greys. These come mainly from the polished concrete walls, while air vents and other normally hidden workings are left on display. When it comes to the food, Casaplata’s chefs cast a modern take on Spanish classics from paella to octopus.

Calle Amor de Dios 7, 41002 Seville


Best food in Seville

Mamarracha is located on one of the roads leading from Plaza Neuva to the cathedral in central Seville. Instead of bowing to the heritage of the area, this restaurant seems intent on adding a contemporary twist. Walk in and you can’t fail to notice the vertical garden climbing the wall behind brown leather banquettes, for instance. Stylishly laid back and unstuffy, the menu focusses on flame-cooked dishes.

Calle Hernando Colón, 1, 41004, Seville


Eurostars Torre Sevilla

Design Hotel Sevilla

With truly unmatched views, Eurostars Torre Sevilla occupies the top 19 floors to Andalusia’s tallest building. Topping out at 180 meters high, you can see echoes of the tower’s curving double-height windows in the design of the rooms. Finished in a modern style, guests are also able to take advantage of a gym, and spa. This has a hydrotherapy center, and a long list of potential body treatments.

Gonzalo Jiménez Quesada, 2, Torre Sevilla, 41092, Seville

Mercer Sevilla

Boutique Hotel Seville

Occupying a former nineteenth-century mansion, Mercer Sevilla has an intimate number of rooms making each guest feel like a family friend. Dating from the 1880’s, its spaces were reconfigured with thanks to the architects who built Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Its walls glow with the works of modern Spanish expressionist painter Agustí Puig. Meanwhile, the rooftop terrace boasts an outdoor swimming pool for the exclusive use of its guests. If neither of these suit your needs, you can see our hotel selection in Seville.

Calle Castelar, 26, 41001, Seville


La Importadora

Concept Store Spain

La Importadora is one of Seville’s foremost concept stores. It’s double-height space fits in a huge amount of stock, ranging from rustic rugs to men’s T-shirts. The furniture you’ll find here is as diverse as the rest of the store, but focusses on wooden pieces. If you’re hand-luggage only, check out the smaller items of objet d’art instead. Not content with that, La Importadora is also a gallery. Its rough brick walls, painted white, are hung with original one-off works by artists including Garcia Forcada. It also sells an out-there series of prints too for those with smaller budgets.

c/ Pérez Galdós, 2, 41004, Seville

El Jueves

Local Market in Seville Spain

There are several reasons to head to El Jueves. One is if you’re looking for antiques, collectables and vintage pieces. The other is to absorb the atmosphere of the oldest marketplace in Seville, and some say all of Spain. Taking place every Thursday (‘El Jueves’), you’ll have to rummage to find the best discoveries. These shift between true antiques and more modern pieces. Haggling is also de rigeur here, but is a huge heap of fun.

Calle Feria

Stunning Design in Seville

Seville does not just showcase ancient Moorish or Catholic design as this Seville design guide shows. Beyond the usual sights, visitors can find plenty of interesting attractions. And that’s before we begin talking about the many restaurants and splendid stores. Explore every corner of this stunning place with our tours of Seville. Discover the beauty of nearby Granada with our itinerary for 2 days in Granada.

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