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Guardian of the holiest sites in Islam, Saudi Arabia has only just to begun welcoming tourists. However, those who make the journey to this nation rich in customs and traditions will find no shortage of treasures. The rock-hewn structure of Madain Saleh rivals Petra in beauty, while the historic Red Sea port of Jeddah is a blend of cultures from right across the region. The capital, Riyadh shows off the modern face of this rapidly-changing nation, while the high dunes of the Empty Quarter desert provide a playground for anyone with even the slightest sense of adventure.
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Saudi Riyal
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Cities & Regions of Saudi Arabia

Madain Saleh
Madain Saleh

One of the world’s most impressive archeological sites, Saudi Arabia’s Madain Saleh is often likened to Petra. Built – or more correctly carved – by the same ancient people, the site comprises some 130 rock-cut mausoleums. But it is also the location of the Hejaz Railway, made famous by TE Lawrence during the 1917 Arab Revolt.

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Saudi Arabia’s city of the future, Neom stands on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. Costing an eye-watering $500 bn to bring to completion, it’s set to become the cleanest and greenest way to enjoy the Red Sea’s beaches and coral reefs.

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With a skyline like something out of Blade Runner, Riyadh is as far from the tradition view of Saudi Arabia as its possible to get. Straddling the tightrope between ancient custom and contemporary life, the Saudi capital might be low on major sites, but it’s an excellent place to get to grips with the culture.

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Boasting both the glittering towers of New Jeddah and the UNESCO-listed coral stone structures of the old, Jeddah has been a crossroads for centuries. Add to that a prime position on the Red Sea, and it’s obvious why so many expats end up calling Jeddah their home.

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