Food And Travel Guide To Rome 3

Rome Food And Wine Travel Guide

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No food and wine travel guide to Rome would be complete without mentioning two key principles; simplicity and incredible quality. The food in the restaurants and enotecas of Rome reflects this dedication to the best ingredients. As do the markets and delis which are a goldmine for beautiful produce. Gathering supplies for a picnic lunch before heading to one of Rome’s incredible sights is surely one of the best ways to experience Rome’s food culture for yourself. Here are 5 things you need to know about Rome’s food and wine scene, and how to do it right.

Rome’s Markets And Delis Are A Haven For Food Lovers

Market Rome Food and Wine Travel Guide

Every neighborhood of Rome has its own market, each with its own delicacies and atmosphere. Our Rome market tour and cooking experience will take you to one of the most famous – Campo de’ Fiori. You can buy all your ingredients then be coached through a cooking session to learn how to make traditional Italian pasta.

If you’re looking to pick up presents or ingredients for a supreme picnic lunch head to the markets of Testaccio, Mercato Centrale (next to Termini train station), and Mercato Trionfale. Or swing by Volpetti delicatessen for incredible porchetta and pecorino.

Enotecas House The Best Of Rome’s Wines

Rome enoteca Rome food and wine travel guide

What would be a Rome food and wine travel guide without mentioning enoteca culture? The concept of the enoteca was born when wine shops put a few stools out, opened a couple of bottles of wine for their customers, and paired them with simple plates of food. And you can find them dotted all across Rome. This is where thirsty Romans meet after work for a glass of wine or two.

We love Litro in the smart residential district just above the Trastevere neighborhood. They specialize in natural wines, made both locally and further afield, and small plates of modern cooking. For something more classic, try Il Goccetto, where Italian wines line the shop walls from floor to ceiling. Or take the stress of choosing out of the equation and join a Rome wine tasting tour. An experienced sommelier will guide you through an intimate wine tasting at one of the best enotecas in Rome.

Rome Is Famous For Four Pasta Dishes

Spaghetti carbonara Rome food and wine travel guide

Cacio e pepe, spaghetti alla carbonara, pasta all’Amatriciana and pasta alla Gricia. All take the simplest of ingredients and form something rather magical. Cacio e Pepe uses what feels like alchemy to form a silky smooth, punchy sauce from just pasta water, cracked black pepper, and pecorino. Roscioli is where you’ll find the best, a deli-come-restaurant with an incredible wine list of nearly 3000 bottles. You can also try pasta all’Amatriciana (pasta, tomatoes, guanciale, and pecorino) and pasta alla Gricia (pecorino, guanciale and black pepper), at Armando al Pantheon, a traditional restaurant in the heart of Rome, famous for its exceptional pasta dishes.

Another option to learn more about traditional Roman cuisine is to join a local family for a private cooking class! Can’t settle on just one dish to try? This Rome Food Tour gives you a taste of 10 different Roman specialties while hopping between the best, high-quality local spots.

Rome’s Pizza Is Unique

Rome pizza rome food and wine travel guide

Traditional Rome pizza has a crunchy, thin base that has an addition of olive oil to enrich the crust – a far different experience to the more famous Neapolitan pizzas. There’s no better way to experience them than through a Rome pizza-making experience, working with expert pizzaiolos to create a traditional Roman pizza to be proud of.

If you’d rather eat pizza than make it, Pizzeria Emma makes some of the best in town, along with Pizzarium Bonci who specializes in pizzas by the slice, another Roman tradition.

Rome’s Local Wines Are Little Known But Delicious

Rome wine Rome food and wine travel guide

The winemaking area of Lazio is just to the east of Rome. It may not be as famous as other names, but the area has a charm of its own. It is best known for its fresh, zingy white wines made with grape varieties such as Trebbiano. The wines of the region can be found in restaurants and enotecas across Rome. But the best way to learn about wine is to visit where it’s made. Our Frascati winery tour and lunch is just the ticket. Learn about the history of the winemaking region with a tour and tasting along with lunch at a traditional trattoria.

Food and wine is the key to Rome

If you want to know how the Romans tick, learn about their food and wine. It’s the heart and soul of the city. But of course, there’s so much more to Rome too. Our Rome travel tours and multi-day packages are a great way to design a Roman holiday. If this guide has whetted your appetite for Roman cuisine, spend a few days on our Taste of Rome 5 Day Food Tour. Be sure to check out our curated Rome hotel selection too. Buon appetito!

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