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Mrtvica Canyon Hiking Tour from Kotor, Budva, Tivat & Podgorica

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Starts in Podgorica, Budva, Cetinje, Kotor, Tivat, Bar and UlcinjAvailable Every day

Discover a jewel of untouched Montenegrin nature with our Mrtvica Canyon Hiking Tour. This 18 km hike in the shadow of Mt. Maganik will take you on a journey through one of the lesser-known, yet up-and-coming hiking spots in Montenegro. True lovers of nature fall in love with the mesmerizing sapphire pools, rapids, and waterfalls of crystalline waters that punctuate the craggy granite cliffs and dense, lush forests. The hike feels like getting lost in another world, with a uniquely magical atmosphere that makes it a must-see for nature lovers in Montenegro. This private guided tour is available for booking during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons, 7 days a week.

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