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Mexico’s varied landscapes have attracted visitors since the arrival of the very first Spanish ships. And with beach escapes on two coasts – the surfing spots of the Pacific and the lagoon-like waters of the Caribbean Sea – who can blame them? But beyond the likes of Acapulco, the Yucatan Peninsula is awash with Mayan temples and freshwater sinkholes. These cenotes are just one reason to step into jungles still home to jaguars, spider monkeys and colorful birdlife. Further south, you’ll discover deserts that led to the creation of tequila, while right across the country there’s street food so good the world has adopted it as its own.
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Capital City
Mexico City
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Cities & Regions in Mexico

Mexico City
Mexico City

The word megalopolis was created for the Mexican capital. But that doesn’t mean Mexico City is somewhere to hurry through. Its streets have just enough edge to make them as beguiling as any in the country. They trace ancient paths walked by the Aztecs past the relics of centuries of Spanish rule to a new-found contemporary confidence.

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Separating the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea, the Yucatan has some of Mexico’s most celebrated beaches. But it is also the homeland of the ancient Mayans, whose magnificent stepped pyramids are some of the world’s most impressive archeological sites.

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For a sense of Mexico before the Spanish conquest head to Oaxaca (pronounced Wahaca). It’s rugged terrain sweeping down to turtle nesting beaches on the Pacific has ensured the survival of its indigenous cultures, creating an extraordinary series of arts and customs that are a joy to unearth.

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Acapulco & The Pacific Coast
Acapulco & the Pacific Coast

Encircling a fantastic natural bay southwest of Mexico City, Acapulco has welcomed everyone from Elvis Presley to Elizabeth Taylor. This heyday may be behind it, but the city remains as atmospheric as it was then, combining fine food and secluded coves with the romance of its cliffs and charm of its old town.

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Baja California
Baja California

Stretching south for more than 1200 kilometers, Baja California is a place to take the road less traveled. To wind up in friendly mountain villages. To camp among desert landscapes or seek out the perfect wave. And to set sail in search of California gray whales taking last breaths before diving.

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Mexico’s wild west has come of age. Guadalajara will always be the home of fine horsemanship and melodious mariachi bands, but its culture that’s taking the region by storm. By day, explore the collections of the museums and art galleries, then by night enjoy fusion foods created by bright young chefs returning to their home city.

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