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Japanese Samurai Experience – 10 Day Tour Package

Per Person
Starts in TokyoAvailable Every day (varies seasonally)

Our Japanese Samurai Experience - 10 Day Tour Package takes you into ancient Japan to explore the life and times of the iconic samurai warriors with an expert guide leading your way. From artisanal sword-making studios where you'll meet the masters and historic monasteries where you'll meditate with monks, you'll explore quaint towns like Magome and bustling metropolises like Tokyo, both with a guide and on your own, to learn all there is to know about these historic warriors. Dive into long-gone ages of history filled with fascinating characters, strict codes of honor, and captivating legends while you taste traditional foods and sleep in historic family homes, renovated with state-of-the-art amenities. This tour is available every day with seasonal variations and leaves with guaranteed departures.

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