Japan Tourist Journey
A successful fusion of the modern and the ancient, Japan has managed to maintain age-old traditions while becoming one of the most advanced and modern countries in the world. A trip to Japan means to experience a complete and utterly different culture and to surrender yourself to the unfamiliar.
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Cities & Regions of Japan

From the capital city of Tokyo to the ancient capital of Kyoto, and from the bamboo forests to ancient temples, every area of Japan has something different to offer. Check out the highlights of Japan's most prominent cities and regions.

Tokyo Tours

Japan's buzzing capital, Tokyo is most vistors' top destination when visiting the country. From amazing shopping to to notch dining to ancient traditions, this city is the epicenter of Japan. No matter what type of experience you're looking for, there is a tour of Tokyo fit for your style.

Explore Tokyo

Japan's ancient cultural capital is the place to visit for a true Japanese experience. Walking down Kyoto's streets will take you back in time to experience authentic, traditional Japan while also tasting the country's modernity. Check out our Kyoto tours to see everything this unique city has to offer.

Explore Kyoto
Hakone & Mt Fuji
Hakone & Mt Fuji

Take a break from bustling Tokyo and experience Japan's unique nature with a tour of nearby Hakone. This area is known for its relaxing hot springs and natural beauty, with stunning views of Mt Fuji across Lake Ashinoko.

Explore Hakone & Mt Fuji

Although best known as the site of the atomic bomb explosion during World War II, the prefecture and city of Hiroshima offer so much for visitors to see. The Peace Memorial Park, many museums, and shrines around Honshu island are all worth a visit for cultural connoisseurs.

Explore Hiroshima

Osaka is a gem of Japan that all visitors should add to their list. The nation's food capital with friendlier locals and more affordable shopping than other big cities, Osaka is worth checking out on your next visit.

Explore Osaka