Calmasino Di Bardolino (lake Garda) Travel

Calmasino di Bardolino (Lake Garda) Travel

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Wine Tasting Experience in Bardolino (Lake Garda)

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Starts in Calmasino di BardolinoAvailable Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Join Our Wine Tasting Experience in Bardolino (Lake Garda) to deepen your knowledge of wine-making, and wine-drinking. The tour is led by a professional sommelier, and takes you through the wine-making journey from harvest to bottling. Begin by winding your way over dusty footpaths through the vineyard, smelling the grapes and learning how they are grown, harvested, and cared for. Explore the inner workings of a modern winery, moving from the harvest of the grapes to their processing and bottling. Sample a tantalizing array of appetizers and local breads hand-picked to accompany your wine tasting. You'll be offered a selection of two white wines and two red wines to finish your day, with your sommelier walking you through each unique glass. Savor the wines, the views, and the local flavor as you end your tour overlooking Lake Garda, and don't forget to grab a few bottles to take home with you!

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