India Travel
One of the world’s longest-surviving civilizations and the 7th largest country, travel to India ensures a heady multicultural experience punctuated by awe-inspiring natural wonders and singular cuisine. From the snow-capped Himalayas to tropical beaches, with ancient and modern cities in between, we promise you’ll never be bored in this historic kingdom.
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Capital City
New Delhi
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C, D, M I 220V ~ 50Hz

Cities & Regions in India

Delhi Travel
New Delhi

India’s frenetic capital, New Delhi leaves most first-time visitors in a sense of awe, with history and modernity seeming to collide head on. From the broad avenues of Lutyens to the street food of ancient marketplaces, there’s nowhere better to get a taste of what India’s all about.

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Mumbai Travel

Mumbai’s treasures are hidden in plain sight. Even taking the train leads to you to one of the country’s most impressive works of architecture. But delve a little deeper and you’ll find a multitude of stories, told through jumping nightclubs, cool street art and no shortage of people eager to show you a good time.

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Chennai Travel

The capital of Tamil Nadu is best known for its intricate style of temple carvings. But Chennai (formerly Madras) is also able to boast an impressive food scene and pleasant position on the Bay of Bengal that’s perfect for a couple of days R&R.

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Bangalore Travel

Once written off a rather dull, the tech-capital of India has morphed itself into one of India’s most charming of cities. Dotted with green spaces, Bangalore is an Indian city where walking the streets is a pleasure and creature comforts are never far from hand.

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Hyderabad Travel

An imperial capital for almost 200 years, Hyderabad’s historic central districts remain largely as they always have been. Divided into quarters by the waters of the River Musi, the ‘city of pearls’ has no shortage of sites which help to tell the story of India.

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Kochi Travel

Sat among the swaying beach palms of Kerala, Kochi is one of India’s most diverse cities. Most European empires have had their time in the city, leaving behind them a fine collection of boutique heritage hotels and pop-up galleries that make it a haven for the artistically-minded.

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Rajasthan Travel

Princely Rajasthan doesn’t disappoint, whether it’s in wandering the inner sanctums of the pink city of Jaipur or exploring a desert studded with medieval forts on the back of a camel. The traditions continue apace with tiger safaris in Ranthambhore National Park, promising unmissable encounters with the king of the jungle.

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Goa Travel

Transport Portugal into the tropics and Goa is the result. Here an endless string of golden beaches has been alluring tourists since the earliest days of international travel, while spiritual retreats and adventures in food attract even more. But whatever you come for, it’s the unique Indo-Portuguese culture that stands the test of time.

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