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Greece's popularity as a tourist destination has skyrocketed in the last few years, with good reason: Greece is an absolutely breathtaking country! This Mediterranean paradise offers up a wealth of incredible history, endlessly tempting culinary goodies, and a vibrant nightlife. Escape to secluded beaches or lush forests, revel in the bouncing clubs scattered across the city, or take a pause with a romantic city break. Check out what Greece has to offer below, and start planning your Grecian getaway today.
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Cities, Regions, and Islands of Greece

Athens Travel

The mythological, ancient, and modern-day capital of Greece, Athens is a unique travel destination. Its iconic historical sites fuse with a vibrant modern city, filled with restaurants, culture, and so much more.

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Corfu Travel

Corfu's rugged mountains and pristine beaches lure people in, but it's the winding medieval streets and myriad cultural gems are what keep them coming back.

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Santorini's striking blue and white homes perch above the stunning cerulean caldera, offering views of the black, white, and red volcanic beaches below. This island is paradise, and the perfect backdrop for a romantic hideaway.

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Mykonos offers the best of Greece: incredible vistas and beaches, historical and architectural diamonds in the rough, and a party scene to rival Ibiza.

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No matter if you decide to hug the coast or venture inland, the Peloponnese region is sure to captivate you. Sit where the original Olympics took place decades ago, trek the wild cliffs, undisturbed for years, or adventure into some of the region's famous caves. While this part of the country may lack some of the splendor of the resort-studded islands, the Peloponnese offers a more rough and tumble charm that shows you what Greece may have been like so long ago.

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Central Greece Mainland
Central Mainland Greece

Venturing inland from Greece's picture-perfect beaches can seem daunting, but we promise it's worth the travel to head to Greece's central mainland. Spend the day at Delphi, one of the countries most famous and impressive archaeological sites. Two of the biggest draws in this area are Meteora and Mount Olympus, but beyond the historical value, the center of the country also offers a number of gorgeous natural sites, quaint villages, and enough varieties of local alcohols to keep you tasting for days.

Explore the Central Mainland Greece
Northern Mainland Greece

If you're looking for the cultural capital of Greece, Thessaloniki should be your go-to destination. Heading further north, you can explore Macedonia, the Greek region where Alexander the Great was born. Bask in hot springs sprinkled throughout the countryside in Greece's northern mainland and take some time to explore the picturesque slate villages of Zagorohoria and Metsovo and to taste some local delicacies, like stifado and kleftiko.

Explore the Greek Northern Mainland
Explore Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece, teeming with charming ports, picturesque cities and some of the world’s best beaches. But it’s not all sand and sun - Crete is considered the very birthplace of modern European civilization as well as Zeus, mythological king of the gods. This legacy is reflected in incredible ancient ruins and world-class museums around the island. Crete is also a top destination for nature lovers, home to some of the most breathtaking hikes in Europe. And the island’s culinary delights are rivaled only by the warm hospitality of the locals serving them.

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Explore Rhodes

Rhodes, the largest of the Dodacanese islands, is one of Greece’s most popular destinations, and it's no wonder. Experience the overlapping cultural and architectural legacies of the Byzantines, Greeks, Venetians and Turks on this fascinating island. From the medieval castles of the largest and longest-inhabited Medieval town in Europe to the Colossus of Rhodes; from upscape beach resorts to charming traditional villages; vast golden beaches and crystalline waters to heart-stopping mountainous landscapes - there is truly a treasure-trove of experiences on this legendary island. And the culinary offerings, spanning from gourmet restaurants to humble tavernas, offer up mouthwatering fare that every palate can appreciate, while views of the azure Aegean will stun you everywhere you turn.

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