Airport Guide Florence

Florence Airport Guide

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Welcome to our airport guide to Florence, with all the information you need to access this beautiful Tuscan city. Florence’s airport is called Vespucci, named after a local Italian merchant and cartographer. It is small, but perfectly formed. Because of its size, it’s very easy and convenient to navigate, making flying from here a breeze. But it still has all the modern facilities one would expect, with a number of bars and restaurants, a VIP lounge and high end boutique stores. A number of major European airlines operate from Florence airport including British Airways, KLM, Alitalia, Iberia and Air France.

Where is Florence’s Airport?

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Florence airport is a very convenient 5 miles to the north-west of Florence city center, making it very accessible indeed. The airport also serves much of Tuscany, as well as Florence itself, so if you’re planning a trip to Siena (50 miles away) or Cinque Terre (110 miles away), Florence airport is the most convenient place to fly to.

How to Get to and From Florence Airport by Car

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Florence airport is just 20 minutes by car from Florence city center. There are various parking options from short to long stay. If you’re looking to rent a car to get into the Tuscan countryside, a shuttle bus runs from arrivals to the car rental village every 20 minutes. Rental cars start at around $175 for a week for a small car. Perfect for your Tuscan getaway.

How to Get to and From Florence Airport by Bus

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The ‘Volainbus’ shuttle service runs from Florence airport to Florence train station approximately every 30 minutes. The ride takes about 20 minutes and costs €6 one way per person or €10 for a round trip. Just follow signs for the bus station when you reach arrivals; it’s just a short walk away.

How to Get to and From Florence Airport by Taxi

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Reaching Florence by taxi is probably the easiest way to access the city center. Taxis are stationed right outside arrivals or you can phone ahead. The flat fare to Florence is €22 with a €1 supplement for each piece of luggage that goes in the trunk of the car. It’s slightly more expensive on holiday days – €24 – and at between 10pm and 6am – €25.30. The ride takes approximately 15-25 minutes depending on traffic.

How to Get to and From Florence Airport by Limousine

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If you are looking for ultimate luxury, you could look at hiring a limousine. There are two limousine companies operating from Florence airport; the CO.A.VE. and the Giuliani VIP car service. Both have desks right in the terminal building so you can access your limo with ease. You can also phone both of them ahead.

How to Get to and From Florence Airport by Tram

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No airport guide to Florence would be complete without mentioning Florence’s tram system. The tramway is a recent addition to the airport with the aim of being the most eco-friendly way to access the city center. You can take line T2 right into the city, from 5am to 12.30am every day. The trams run every 4 to 5 minutes, takes around 25 minutes and cost €1.50 per person each way, making it the cheapest way to travel to the airport. The tram stops at numerous locations and finishes in Unita in the city center. Use it on your way to our evening walking tour of Florence.

Your Vacation in Florence

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Florence is one of the most majestic cities in the whole of Italy and certainly shouldn’t be missed if you’re planning an Italian vacation. There is so much to see and do here; we have a number of tours that will ensure you have the best possible time in and around the city. Florence also has plenty of beautifully designed hotels that will ensure you are well-rested before your days of adventure, food and wine. If you’re interested in design, Florence should certainly be on your list; check out our Florence design guide for the best places to eat, shop, stay and see. And if you have longer, the surrounding Tuscan countryside shouldn’t be missed.

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