Alexandria Travel

Alexandria Travel

This historic city is the second largest in Egypt, the largest port city that stands on the Mediterranean, and a major hub for learning throughout the ages. From the modern Bibliotecha Alexandrina and upscale gourmet restaurants to dusty alleyways in bustling markets and the Hadrianic catacombs at Kawm al-Shuqāfah, Alexandria is a marvelous blend of the ancient and modern.
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4 Day Highlights of Cairo & Alexandria Tour

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Turn back the hands of time and discover the impressive remains of two ancient civilizations on our 4 Day Highlights of Cairo & Alexandria Tour. History will come to life as you stand in awe of the Pyramids of Giza, Great Sphinx, and other incredible feats of human strength built by the ancient Egyptians. You'll also marvel at the intellectual feats of the Roman empire as you visit the Library of Alexandria, once the world's cradle of learning and research. No matter your interests, this fascinating look into the past is sure to make an impression.

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