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As one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world, Egypt blurs the line between ancient and modern.  Travelers are fascinated by the classic sites and history of the country but look a bit deeper, and you'll find Egypt is so much more than its history.
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Cities & Regions of Egypt

From the ancient capital of Cairo to the mystical Nile River, and from the temples of Luxor to the Sinai desert, every part of Egypt has something special to offer. Check out the highlights of Egypt's most fascinating cities and regions.


Egypt's capital city is buzzing with history and culture, a mix of ancient and modern. Visit the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the fascinating museums that showcase the history of Egypt. Use all of your senses to absorb Egyptian culture as you wander through the alleyways and markets.

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Sinai Tours

The Sinai desert is a magical place. Learn about Mount Sinai's place in biblical history, tour Saint Catherine's Monastery, and marvel at the beauty of the mountainous desert. Sinai is not to be missed on any trip to Egypt.

Explore Sinai

This historic city is the second largest in Egypt, the largest port city that stands on the Mediterranean, and a major hub for learning throughout the ages. From the modern Bibliotecha Alexandrina and upscale gourmet restaurants to dusty alleyways in bustling markets and the Hadrianic catacombs at Kawm al-Shuqāfah, this city is a marvelous blend of the ancient and modern.

Explore Alexandria

Built on the ruins of Thebes, the capital city of the Pharaohs for centuries, houses a sprawling number of ruins and archaeological sites across its East and West Banks. Step back in time as you explore “The World’s Largest Open Air Museum”, marveling at gleaming golden treasures and gargantuan monuments.

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