Dubrovnik Design Guide

Dubrovnik Design Guide

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Dubrovnik’s postcard-perfect setting has elevated the city as a top-destination for travelers all over the world. And while some may come for its picturesque charm, travelers with an eye for design will be especially delighted. The city is bursting with unique museums, architectural relics and quirky shops. If you’re a design lover, follow our Dubrovnik Design Guide for an elevated aesthetic experience.


Dubrovnik Design Guide

The City Walls

Any Dubrovnik Design Guide must begin with a stroll along the City Walls. Originally built in the 9th century, the walls were in a constant state of construction. That is, until the 17th century, when their structure was finally completed. Today, the walls run uninterrupted for almost 2 kilometres, with a complex system of forts, bastions, and towers. Tickets start at 50 HRK per person and are free for children under 18. However, prices may vary according to the season. Explore this exquisite UNESCO World Heritage Site with a Dubrovnik Day Tour for an in-depth appreciation of its beauty.

The Museum of Modern Art of Dubrovnik (MOMAD)

Founded in 1945, the Museum of Modern Art of Dubrovnik houses an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. Pieces date from the end of the 19th century (the beginning of the Croatian modern period) to present day. The museum’s architecture is worth noting as well! Originally designed by Croatian architects Lavoslav Horvat and Harold Bilinić in the neo-Renaissance style, it’s an aesthetic treat for design-lovers. Tickets are 15 HRK for adults and free for children under 12.

The Red History Museum

Take a walk down memory lane with the Red History Museum. Here you’ll find displays of every-day life when Croatia was part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1945-1991). The museum is split into three exhibitions, taking you on a visual journey of this unique period in Croatia’s history. On display, you’ll find a red Yugo 45 car and the reconstruction of a typical apartment – complete with period furnishings. Tickets are 50 HRK for adults and free for children under 10.


Life According to Kawa

Seasoned travelers know the frustrations of finding unique souvenirs all too well. In Dubrovnik, you’ll find the solution to this never-ending dilemma within the quirky Life According to Kawa shop. Within this concept store, you’ll find exclusive Croatian designer items and beautifully illustrated recipe books. The perfect gift for your design-oriented friends!

Dubrovavcka Kuca

This charming gem will satisfy all your art collection needs. Dubrovavcka Kuca features its very own gallery within the ancient walls of St. Dominic. The venue showcases original works by local artists from Dubrovnik and Croatia on its second floor. Meanwhile, the main floor is reserved for its regional crafts and delicacies. Here you’ll find hand-crafted souvenirs, a selection of Croatian wines, and delectable sweets.


Croatian Food

Dubrovnik is the ultimate destination for seafood lovers and wine connoisseurs. So you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to haute cuisine and sophisticated ambiance. But there are several spots to hit if you want to admire Dubrovnik’s unique take on architecture and design. For example, Cave Bar More is one of Dubrovnik’s most romantic settings for a refreshing cocktail and a selection of local beers. The bar is located in a natural cave – complete with unique rock formations and mood lighting. And if you prefer to enjoy your drink in the sun, there is an outdoor terrace with comfy chairs overlooking Lapad Bay.


Dubrovnik Design Guide

When visiting Dubrovnik, design lovers can rest their heads in one of the city’s architectural treasures. The Hotel Stari Grad is a 16th century nobleman’s house, converted into a boutique hotel. By combining old world charm with modern day glamour, this is a popular accommodation choice. So book in advance if you want to experience this treasure! The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the city. Boasting a decadent rooftop restaurant and Thai spa, what more could you ask for? The Hotel Stari Grad is sure to appeal to all your design-loving senses and elevate your stay to perfection.


Revelin Tower

For a fun night on the town, head to Revelin Tower – just outside the city walls. Further inside, the Revelin nightclub’s three distinct spaces all feature exposed stone walls, vaulted ceilings, ancient archways, and an outdoor terrace. This is undoubtedly the place to be for Dubrovnik’s most popular dance parties – and its intriguing setting makes it a must for any Dubrovnik Design Guide!

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