Cyprus is a celebrated Mediterranean travel destination, offering a unique mix of picture-perfect seascapes, archaeological wonders, a vibrant culture, and absolutely divine food. The country has a rich history, a buffet of culinary treats, and offers its glorious beaches up for a day or relaxation or outdoor adventures.  Cyprus is a heady mix of the ancient and modern, chaos and peace, vibrant energy and chilled out vibes. Whatever you're looking for, you can be sure Cyprus offers it.  
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Capital City
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G I 240V ~ 50Hz

Cities & Regions of Cyprus

Limassol Travel

Looking to just relax? You're covered in Limassol, famous for it's warm Cypriot hospitality.

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Paphos Travel

Paphos, the historical capital, is a haven for Greek mythology and artifacts, and a complex history woven from powerful empires that settled there.

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Nicosia Travel

Nicosia, the governmental capital, is split between Greece and Cyprus, and some must-do activities include exploring archaeological museums and modern art galleries.

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Troodos Mountains
Troodos Mountains

The Troodos Mountains are Cyprus’ largest mountain range, crowned by Chionistra and a number of incredible ski resorts in the winter, and crossed by hiking trails that wind through the cool forests in the summer. Beyond the beauty of the waterfalls and pillow lava, the villages that dot the mountains nearby are a fresh breath of pastoral air, and you can either escape to rural cabins or luxury hotels when you visit this expansive range.

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Famagusta Travel

Famagusta, a city on Cyprus’ east coast, is world-famous for its 15th and 16th century Venetian walls and panoramic view from above the now empty moat, as well as the tragic story of the ghost town of Varosha, abandoned during a Turkish invasion in the 1970’s and still empty today. Moderm Famagusta is just as interesting as the well-preserved medieval walled city, with a thriving culinary scene and plenty of attractions.

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Larnaca Travel

Larnaca, the cosmopolitan capital city, is on its way to becoming a modern powerhouse, offering happening bars stretched across the waterfront and myriad restaurants.

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