Best Date Ideas in Tokyo

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A balance of natural beauty and plenty of green space, mixed with the bright neon lights and busy city, Tokyo is an eclectic mix of old and new. Whether looking for the perfect place for a romantic first date or celebrating a committed relationship, finding the right place for a date can be hard with so many choices. Rest assured, there is something for everyone – here are a few of the best date ideas in Tokyo.

Mount Fuji

The iconic peak that is visible from many vantage points, Mount Fuji is awe-inspiring and inherently romantic, making it an obvious choice as one of the best date ideas in Tokyo. Taking a tour of Mount Fuji is one of the best ways to explore the region, including Hakone and Lake Ashi. Spend a romantic day together exploring the immense beauty of nature, and time outside the city.

Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi, Hakone, Gotemba Designer Outlet, and More Tour from Tokyo - 1 Day

Tokyo Food Tour

Instead of trying to pick one perfect restaurant, what better way to share a culinary experience than by taking a Tokyo food tour together? Exploring through Yurakuchi, Ginza and Shimbashi neighborhoods, the food tour is a gastronomical adventure through history, exploring traditional eateries as well as more modern establishments. The Tokyo food tour includes many delicious snacks along the way and a six-course meal at an authentic restaurant. Easily one of the best date ideas in Tokyo, a food tour is fun, interactive and of course, delicious.

Yoyogi Park

One of the most popular parks in the city, Yoyogi park will always be a place for love. The vast park is the ideal picnic spot, a great place to relax and enjoy people watching or a quiet peaceful moment away from the loud city vibe. Couples can rent bikes (including tandem bicycles) or go for a casual stroll throughout the expansive park. Check out some nearby coffee shops, perfect to grab a hot cup of joe before heading into the park.


One of the most enjoyable and relaxing spa experiences in Japan is visiting an onsen (natural hot spring). While it may seem counterproductive for a date to visit onsens due to the separated pool areas (male/female), there are some that offer common areas regardless of gender. Although the entire experience may not be shared together, it is an authentically Japanese experience and a perfect way to unwind and relax and one of the best date ideas in Tokyo.

Unusual Date Ideas

Check out the most unusual places to visit in Japan that also happen to double as ideal date spots. From cat island to Yoro Park, here a few quirky and unconventional places to enjoy an adventurous date.

best date spot tokyo

Amusement Parks

Japan is famous for its amusements parks, for the thrill-seeking couple looking to get an adrenaline rush, a visit to one of the many amusement parks in Tokyo is sure to do the trick. Couples can enjoy a multitude of rides, activities, and snacks at the plethora of amusement park options, making it one of the best date ideas in Tokyo.

Gallery Date

Sharing an experience together at one of many of Japan’s art galleries is a romantic way to take in some art and culture together as a couple. Whether in Tokyo, Kyoto or even Osaka, there are many contemporary galleries to choose from. Check out the best contemporary galleries in Tokyo, best contemporary galleries in Kyoto and best contemporary galleries in Osaka for some inspiration.


Spending an evening at the theatre is a romantic experience and one of the best date ideas in Tokyo. Sharing an authentic Kabuki experience is an exciting look at Japanese culture and art that can be shared.

Tea for two

Partaking in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony is a beautiful experience that is both calming and thrilling. The process is very enjoyable and when shared together, creates a special bond. Tea ceremonies are authentic and special, a perfect date idea in Tokyo.

Looking to create an unforgettable date experience? Contact us! We can arrange private tours and experiences for romantic and memorable date ideas in Tokyo.

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