Best Bars in Tokyo

best bars tokyo
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When it comes to drinking, Tokyo is anything but dry. The city boasts a legendary nightlife and is teeming with what seems like an unlimited number of places to get your drink on. The action-packed metropolis is replete with an array of party joints ranging from clubs and standing bars to karaoke bars and quaint izakayas. Whatever nightlife bodes well with you, you will surely find it at the best bars in Tokyo.

Winestand Waltz 

This standing-room-only wine bar isn’t for the claustrophobia prone, as you’ll be drinking huddled together with the other patrons in a 13-square-meter space. Upon entering through the sliding glass door, you’ll be greeted by antique elements and bottles of quality wines from France and Italy. You can always count on owner Yasuhiro Ooyama to have something unique on his rotating menu.

Ben Fiddich 

The heralded Tokyo bartender, Hiroyasu Kayama, concocts curated cocktails at Ben Fiddich using homegrown ingredients from his family’s farm in the suburbs of Tokyo. Inside the bar, you will be greeted by glass jars and jugs filled with different color liqueurs and herbs dangling next to a stuffed deer head. Donned in a white suit, Kayama morphs into a type of apothecary wizard, mixing magical potions of artisan cocktails using a mortar and pestle. You won’t find Kayama’s ingeniousness written down in a menu, rather his exceptional cocktails are born on the spot and based on drinkers’ preference between whisky, gin, absinthe, or amaro.

Ginza Magic Bar 

Located only four minutes away from Ginza station, you’ll encounter the Ginza Magic Bar. Fans of magic and good drinks can enjoy a night out at Ginza Bar. Trust us when we say that a magic show alongside an all-you-can-drink bar is an epic night you won’t forget.

Record Bar 

For a chill night out, record lovers can visit the Record Bar. The bar hosts an impressive assortment of records, including both retro and modern-day records, which are played on vintage turntables, speakers, and amps. You’ll find all the old western classics and modern hits, as well as Japanese records. The drinks are kept simple, but nonetheless the quality is high. The bar is located within a short walk from the bustling Shibuya station.


One of the most popular watering holes and best bars in Tokyo, Albatros has become one of the most popular places for a night out. Located close to Shinjuku station, the three-story bar offers a large selection of alcohol, including sake, wine, and cocktails. The crowd is a mix between students, expats, artists, and professionals. The bar doubles as an art gallery, allowing artists to rent spaces on the wall to show off their work.

The Room 

Looking for a break from all the hustle and bustle of Tokyo? Take cover in The Room to chill out, listen to good music, and sip on whiskey. The Room is a tiny basement where jazz, soul, and R & B jams come together. This is one of the best places to meet friends for a casual night out.

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