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Some would describe the UAE as a masterful demonstration of what humans are capable of. Others would call it a demonstration of successful ancient cultures. While contrasting, both are true. The country is both a wonder of the twenty-first century and a place of ageless landscapes. Visit Dubai with our United Arab Emirates tours and you’ll become part of the first. Explore the lesser-known emirates of Sharjah or Ajman, and it’s the second you’ll encounter. The glittering downtown area of Dubai is often the first port of call for visitors to the nation. It’s here, after all, that stands the world’s tallest building, its top-rated hotels, and endless shopping opportunities. But stay a while, and you’ll discover another side to Dubai. They will lead you to the attractions of Abu Dhabi and beyond. Our United Arab Emirates tours explore both city and desert. From sea to the mountain top, they’ve been created to allow you the full spectrum of experiences in the UAE.

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