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One of the historic crossing points between east and west, plucky little Slovenia lies amid fairytale alpine landscapes. What’s more, our Slovenia tours make it easy to explore. Bordered by Croatia, Hungary, Austria, and Italy, it takes something from each. Elegant baroque facades line many a medieval street, while mountain passes are guarded by even older castles. Offering the potential for spectacular hikes during the summer months, they are equally welcoming during the winter. Then their snowy flanks become excellent ski resorts. It’s the mountains we also have to thank for Lake Bled. A glacial lake, its fed by natural hot springs and boasts islands ripe for discovery. But that’s if you ever make it out of Ljubljana, the capital. Cleaved by its delightful river, it is home to all manner of fine buildings. You can uncover this array of pleasures on our Slovenia tours. You certainly won’t regret your time in one of Europe’s most beguiling small nations.

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