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Swirling with color, Mexico surpasses almost everybody’s expectations. It is often reduced down to a series of stereotypes linked to spring break or the beach-front towers of Acapulco. However, our Mexico tours can give you an alternative view of the country. It’s safe to say that whatever your interests, there’s something for you in Mexico. Cities, like the capital, are awash with hidden sights our guides will uncover. The coasts boast long stretches of golden sand, but also incredible Mayan relics. In fact, Mexico has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than anywhere else in the Americas. It is also the fifth most biodiverse nation in the world. You can therefore see whales calving off the Baja California, or head out on a mountain biking desert adventure. Or delve into the cultures of the country’s indigenous peoples, then wonder at the building program of the Spanish conquistadors. Sample foods packed with flavor, then see how the charro and vaquero horsemen control their vast cattle herds. Or take to the rails to explore the history of mescal and tequila. We’ve got a huge array of Mexico tours, each one specially created for your ultimate enjoyment.

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