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Since the days of the Grand Tour Italy has been a prime destination for anyone who loves history, culture, or beautiful landscapes. A country of mountains, beaches, and bays, there is an incredible array of ways to explore. Ride through the hills of Chianti on horseback, hike across the Cinque Terre, or e-bike through the streets of Milan. Our Italy tours make all of these options possible. Along the way, you can take in some brilliant foods, from pizza to pasta and wine grown in hillside vineyards. Then drift along the canals of Venice, or take in the rich tapestry of art and religion that is the Vatican. Admire the impressive engineering feats of Rome’s pantheon, then wander the quiet roads of Pompeii’s ruins. From the Dolomites in the north to the Sicilian cities in the south, there are an extraordinary array of attractions. Combine them with the fantastic climate of the region, and you’re ready to experience one of our Italy tours.

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