2 Days In Tel Aviv Itinerary

2 Days in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv is one of the most lively cities in the world. It’s adored for its great weather, happening nightlife, kilometers of white sand beaches, and mouth-watering cuisine. Millions of travelers fall in love with Tel Aviv every year. Even if you have only 2 days in Tel Aviv, you’ll easily see why. You’ll manage to discover much of its UNESCO World Heritage architecture, explore the great shopping scene, and absorb the city’s vibrant culture in just two days. With an easy connection from Ben Gurion Airport and incredible hotels to stay at, there’s a good reason that exploring Tel Aviv is one of the best travel experiences in Israel. Here is the best way to spend 2 days in Tel Aviv.

Day 1 


Start your day off the Israeli way at one of the hundreds of cafes around the city. Set yourself up at a table outside and order a cappuccino as you people watch and see the city wake up. Indulge in an Israeli-style breakfast, which includes eggs, an array of salads and dips, and fresh bread. 

After loading up your energy supplies for the morning, head out to begin your first explorations of the city, starting with a tour of the architecture. Tel Aviv is famous for its high concentration of white Bauhaus buildings. These 4,000 buildings are why it’s called “the White City”. The best way to discover Tel Aviv’s architecture is through this architecture tour. This way you not only see the city’s most impressive buildings, but you also learn about their history and the history of Tel Aviv. Our Ultimate Tel Aviv Urban Tour is another great way to get the inside story of its famed architecture.


After working up an appetite on your tour of the White City, it’s time to venture into one of Tel Aviv’s most popular areas, the Carmel Market. Discover the mounds of produce and spices as you make your way through the exciting and boisterous market. Grab yourself a fresh pomegranate juice, and get ready to bargain on souvenirs and presents for people back home.

The market is a great place to grab lunch. Whether you want to try a local specialty, like falafel or shawarma, or you’re in the mood for international foods like Thai or Mexican, you’ll be able to find what speaks to you at an affordable price. A great way to discover the market is through a Carmel Market tasting tour. You’ll learn about local foods and ingredients and sample local delicacies along the way.

After satisfying your hunger, head to Tel Aviv’s hipster neighborhood, Florentin, to check out the brilliant street art. The buildings in this neighborhood may not be the most glamorous, but its artsy residents keep the neighborhood thriving. Join a Street Art Tour to discover the most impressive street art. Learn the stories behind the graffiti and their context in Tel Aviv’s history.

At this point, your feet will be begging for some rest. Head back to your hotel for some downtime before finding out why Tel Aviv is called the “city that never sleeps.” But before you book, be sure to read our guide on where to stay in Tel Aviv.


If you thought the city was buzzing during the day, prepare for the evening. A stroll through Tel Aviv at night on any day of the week will have you questioning whether anybody needs to wake up for work the next day. Tel Aviv boasts an array of amazing restaurants. It has the best food scene in all of Israel (and maybe in the world). Making a reservation is advisable, especially on the weekend. After dining at one of Tel Aviv’s best restaurants, get to know Tel Aviv’s nightlife and have an arak cocktail at one of Tel Aviv’s best bars.  

Day 2 


tel aviv 48 hours

Start your day off with a walk along the promenade until you reach south Tel Aviv’s ancient port, Jaffa. The area is brimming with history and fascinating culture. Your two days in Tel Aviv wouldn’t be complete without spending a few hours wandering through the winding narrow streets, the flea market (Shuk Hapishpishim), and popping your head into the unique collection of boutiques. Highlights to check out in Jaffa include the Old Jaffa Visitors Center, Jaffa Flea Market, Jaffa Port, and the Jaffa Port Market. Enjoy a late breakfast or early lunch at one of many cafes strewn across the market area. For some of the best hummus in all of Israel, head straight to the legendary Abu Hassan. 

After exploring Jaffa in its entirety, you can stroll over to nearby Neve Tzedek. Upon entering the quaint neighborhood of Tel Aviv, you’ll immediately feel as though you’ve been transported to Europe. Spend some time perusing the quiet streets, exploring the cute shops and boutiques along the way, and taking in the calm atmosphere of the area. 


tel aviv beaches

In the afternoon, you have several options, depending on what your interests are and how the weather is. If you’re visiting Tel Aviv in the summer, the weather will be hot and a dip in the sea will be much needed after a morning outside. For those who don’t particularly enjoy tanning, grab a spot among one of many restaurants scattered along the beach and order a cool iced coffee as you take in the chill Mediterranean vibes. Whether you’re a beach bum or not, watching the sunset over the Mediterranean is a sight to behold. The beach is the best place to watch this spectacular nightly showing.

If the weather isn’t great or you’re not a fan of the beach, check out one of Tel Aviv’s museums. The most popular museum town is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Afterward, head back to your hotel and get ready for your last night out on the town. 


Enjoy a second dinner in one of Tel Aviv’s most popular restaurants. You may opt to dine at one of the many vegetarian restaurants or a fish restaurant in the port for a true Tel Avivi experience. After dinner, if you still have some more stamina, you may choose to explore another bar. Or, if you’re exhausted from the last 2 days in Tel Aviv, stroll along Rothschild Boulevard and observe the night owls in all their glory, stopping for some ice cream or frozen yogurt en route.

There is so much to do and explore in Tel Aviv, that two days is hardly enough. We recommend stretching out your visit so you can check out everything at a leisurely pace. Booking one of our tours takes out the guesswork on where to go and what to see while adding insight and value you wouldn’t necessarily get from going it alone. Regardless of how you go, we have no doubt you will fall in love with the White City!

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