2 Days In Milan

2 Days In Milan Itinerary

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There’s much more to Milan than just fashion and industrialism. It’s a place where urbanity rubs shoulders with old-world luxury. This playground for Italy’s rich and famous curiously remains off the main tourist trails of Italy. Milan makes for a perfect weekend break, whether you’re into shopping, food, culture, art, or fashion. If you’re after a fabulous Italian getaway that includes a stop in Milan, check out our selection of Milan tour packages. Or, read on to get some ideas of things to do. Either way, our guide shows that 2 days in Milan is a perfect amount of time to explore this underrated gem of a city. 

Where To Stay In Milan

Savona 18 Suites 2 days in Milan

We have a carefully selected list of the best hotels in Milan, whatever your budget may be. From the luxurious 5-star Armani hotel, complete with rooftop balconies, to the quirky and colorful Savona 18 suites, you’ll be well-rested to start your 2-day itinerary in Milan.

Day One In Milan


2 days in Milan Insider Tour

Get to know Milan inside and out with an Insider Milan tour. Our knowledgeable local guides will take you through Milan’s streets, pausing at some of the greatest sights. These include the impressive Duomo, world-famous Scala Opera House, and the vaulted ceilings of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping arcade which houses some of Milan’s most prestigious and oldest shopping boutiques. 


Ice cream 2 days in Milan

Take a stroll through the trendy Isola district. You could stop for lunch at any one of the cafes lining the streets, but Momo cafe is worth a particular mention. Momo is a small, bustling place specializing in delicious sandwiches, bagels, and – if the mood takes you – cocktails. Want a more hands-on experience with Milan’s cuisine? Why not check out our Private Cooking Class with a Local and take some valuable expertise back home with you! Afterward, make sure to save room for gelato for dessert. The Milanese are fiercely loyal to their favorite gelato shop. One of the best is Artico, for its quality and selection. They also have vegan and gluten-free options. 


Risotto 2 days in Milan

Although not as famous as Tuscany, Rome, or Bologna, Milan’s food scene shouldn’t be dismissed. The Milanese take great pride in locally sourcing their produce and are great advocates of the slow food movement. We delve straight into the city’s fascinating food scene on our spectacular Milan Food tasting tour. This tour will take you around some of Milan’s most beautiful neighborhoods where you get to try local wines, cheeses, and risotto as well as a five-course dinner with matched wines. A gastronomic tour like no other.

Day Two In Milan


Milan E bike tour 2 days in Milan

Work off some of the excesses of last night’s food with a Milan e-bike tour. This tour will see you pedaling through the beautiful back streets of Milan, pausing at some more unusual sights such as the vertical forest, a pair of residential towers whose balconies and terraces house 800 trees and shrubs, giving the impression of a forest high in the sky. You’ll also pass through some of Milan’s newer districts such as the impressive CityLife district, designed by famous Milanese architects. Check out our Milan Design Guide for a deeper dive into the city’s aesthetic treasures.


Duomo 2 Days in Milan

It’s time to check out some churches because, in Milan, they come with a twist. You have two choices: go classic and visit the world-famous Duomo di Milano, or go unknown and visit the Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa. Its famous side chapel contains hundreds of human skulls from the 13th century. If you want to continue the church theme but are getting rather thirsty, take a cab up to La Chiesetta in the Isola district, a bar housed in a converted church.


2 days in Milan wine tasting

Start your evening with a Milan wine tasting experience. You’ll head to a traditional Italian wine bar where a professional sommelier will guide you through a tasting of local wines, paired with local food delicacies. A brilliant way to kick off an evening in Milan. Finish off your two days in Milan by heading to the trendy Navigli district for more food and drinks along with any one of the bars and restaurants that line the district’s canals.

2 Days In Milan Will Stay With You Forever

Beauty of Milan

2 days in Milan is enough to see much of the city. Our Milan 4-day City Break Tour Package includes all the highlights of the city in a convenient itinerary complete with wonderful local guides and exclusive experiences. But if you’re staying for longer, you could head out of the city for a Milan Countryside and Wine Tasting Tour. Milan can also be a fun stop-off point on your way to Verona or Venice. Prefer a longer stay to see Milan and the rest of Italy’s best cities? See three Italian gems on our best of Venice, Verona and Milan 9-day tour. Or see Milan as part of our 14-day Italy Tour Package, a comprehensive adventure that takes advantage of all the country has to offer. However long you stay in Italy, be sure to make Milan part of your itinerary. It’s a city not to be missed.

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