2 Days In Marrakesh Itinerary

2 Days in Marrakesh Itinerary

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Marrakesh is one of the treasures of North Africa. Our 2 days in Marrakesh Itinerary has been specially designed to take in the very best of this former imperial city. Situated within the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh has been a thriving city for almost a thousand years. Today it manages to balance contemporary art and design with the traditional Moroccan way of life. Ancient souks are filled with the bang of craftspeople at work, while the Ville Nouvelle is as cosmopolitan as Paris. No wonder it has attracted everyone from Yves Saint Laurent to Madonna.

2 days in Marrakesh itinerary

Day 1


Discover spectacular vistas of Marrakesh during your 2 days itinerary

The first few hours in any new city can be a little overwhelming. If you arrive by air, you’ll first have to work out how to get from Menara Airport to Marrakesh. You’ll then be eager to use every hour you have in this beguiling city. One of the best ways to kick things off is with a guided tour of the main sights. These include our Insider Marrakesh City Tour. It allows you to learn about the hidden side of Marrakesh thanks to the knowledge gained from locals themselves. One of several tours of Marrakesh, it takes in the likes of the stunning Koutoubia Mosque. Its minaret has soared over the city since the twelfth century. You’ll continue through streets adorned with traditional Moorish architecture and alive with centuries-old communities. These include those of the medina quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Explore the desert outside of Marrakesh by dune buggy

You’ve probably already realized how stunning the landscapes around what is sometimes known as the ‘Red City’ are. The ochre-colored earth that gives Marrakesh its alternative name forms a desert landscape rising into the high Atlas Mountains. This landscape can be readily explored on a dune buggy by joining our Jbilets Desert Buggy Tour from Marrakesh. This is not only an adrenaline rush but also gives you an insight into the tough lives of its people. You’ll meet them for yourself when served traditional tea and confections before returning to downtown Marrakesh.


2 days in Marrakesh is plenty of time to sample the city's cuisine

Many sights and smells you encountered this morning will be related to Morocco’s unique blend of ingredients. A wonderful way to explore this food heritage in greater detail is by opting for our Marrakesh Food and Dinner Experience. Not only do you get to eat at a family-run restaurant, but also scour the souks for those quintessential flavors. Should you like to head out on your own, Marrakesh has no shortage of excellent places to enjoy sumptuous banquets. The best restaurants in Marrakesh include Chez Chegrouni on the edge of Djemaa el Fna square. Its menu of classic local dishes is undeniably enhanced by the constant flow of people passing the ground floor tables.

Marrakesh also has a wide range of sleeping options. When it comes to where to stay in Marrakesh the top pick is surely one of the city’s authentic riads. Set around delightful internal courtyards, Riad Dar One and Riad Idra are both superb examples, combining tradition with modern luxury.

Day 2


Learn from a local artist on the Moroccan Pottery Class as part of your 2 days in Marrakesh intinerary

Most hotels are perfectly located to be the ideal base for a huge number of tours from Marrakesh. So why not begin by heading into the dramatic vistas that provide such a stunning backdrop to the city? One way to do this is with our Imlil & Aroumd Berber Village Tour from Marrakesh. It combines an adventurous ride through the rolling hill country on mules with cultural exchanges in authentic Berber villages. But if this sounds too daring for your 2 days in Marrakesh itinerary, an alternative is our Moroccan Pottery Class. Led by a master of the art, you’ll face the challenge of forming your own ceramics on a potter’s wheel.


Trek with camels for a unique perspective of Marrakesh and around

Marrakesh is so well located that it’s even possible to hit the beach during your 2 days in Marrakesh. The celebrated beach destinations of Agadir and Essaouira are both within reach. Beyond its fine arc of sand, laid-back Agadir has a surprising number of attractions to its name. You can avoid missing any of them by taking advantage of our guided Agadir tour from Marrakesh. Just be aware it’s a full-day tour departing in the morning. Even closer to the Red City is Essaouira, whose waves are often ridden by surfers from right around the globe. Its streets have also appeared in several episodes of Game of Thrones. This is just one of the facts you’ll discover on our full-day Essaouira Tour & Camel Trek. If you missed out on the mule trekking this morning, you won’t want to miss this!


Don't miss the atmosphere that builds in the evening in Marrakesh

While you might associate Marrakesh with Morocco’s street-side cafes serving sweet tea the city also has an excellent bar scene. The best bars in Marrakesh span an impressively diverse range. But why not start at an upscale hotel bar such as So Lounge Marrakesh before drifting to an open-til-dawn club? Also known as ‘the club of stars’, 555 Famous Club regularly attracts international DJs to its dance floor.

Planning your 2 days in Marrakesh Itinerary

The markets of Marrakesh are not to be missed with a 2 days in Marrakesh itinerary

Don’t forget to check out our Marrakesh Travel Guide. It contains all our top tips on how to make the most out of any trip to the city. Our Culture Guide to Morocco provides everything you need to avoid making a cultural faux pas. Finally, our guide to the markets and souks of Marrakesh offers important insights into shopping among stalls comprising an attraction in their own right.

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