2 Days In Dubrovnik

2 Days in Dubrovnik Itinerary

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Dubrovnik is the pearl of the Adriatic – with a UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled inside its medieval ramparts. Our 2 day Dubrovnik Itinerary will give you the perfect overview of the city. Dubrovnik is adorned with Gothic and Baroque architecture, hillside fortresses, and labyrinth alleyways. Limestone streets wind through Old Town, passing wine bars, shops, and restaurants – only known by locals. And familiar Game of Thrones filming locations appears as if stepping into each scene. What’s more, from the highest points, you can gaze at the coastline sprinkled with idyllic pine-scented islands. So if you only have 2 Days in Dubrovnik, you’ll have plenty of experiences to squeeze into 48 hours!

Day 1


Dubrovnik Old Town

Begin your 2 days in Dubrovnik by wandering around the impressive 13th-century city. The ancient walls stretch for a scenic mile, towering above terracotta rooftops, lively plazas, and Old Town fortresses. Here, you’ll gain insight into Dubrovnik’s past life as a maritime trading superpower. While there is a huge range of Dubrovnik tours to choose from, a walking tour is a great way to begin. After you complete your walking tour of Dubrovnik, head for Stradun. This is the heart of Dubrovnik – a bustling pedestrian street with awnings shading store windows from the midday sun. Then stop for some aromatic lemon or basil olive oil, and browse a delectable selection of spreads at Uje. The specialty shop resides inside a huge limestone building with arched doorways and a vast selection of regional delicacies. Take a seat and enjoy a veritable feast of bread, jams, and olives for brunch.


Roofs of Dubrovnik

If you’re a fan of the hit TV show Game of Thrones, you know that Dubrovnik was the main filming location for King’s Landing. And one of the best ways to see all the sites is with a Game of Thrones walking tour. You’ll recognize Sponza Palace, a stately Gothic-Renaissance structure in the center of Old Town. Discover Lovreijenac Fortress (Red Keep), and Pile Bay (Blackwater Bay), where Stannis Baratheon’s fleet sails into intent on attacking King’s Landing. However, one of the most iconic scenes was filmed along St. Dominika Street. Its steep narrow lanes, adorned with potted plants and billowing laundry lines, were the setting for Cersei’s memorable walk of shame.


Dubrovnik Hotels

As the sun sets, Dubrovnik comes to life, with ochre lights illuminating the Old City walls. Continue ambling along atmospheric streets before a romantic dining experience at ‘Gusta Me’. The restaurant features al fresco dining with spectacular views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and harbor. On the menu, choose from regional meats and fresh seafood. After dinner, the quaint Malvasija Wine Bar is a mere 5-minute stroll. Here, indulge in varietals from Istria and the northern Dalmatian Coast, along with cheese platters for an after-dinner treat. For the night, Dubrovnik has a wide range of different accommodation styles, ranging from large resort-style hotels such as Hotel Bellevue to boutique designer stays such as NINON Designer B&B. Our selected hotels in Dubrovnik feature many of the city’s treasures.

Day 2


Breakfast in Dubrovnik

Begin your day with a cup of freshly ground artisan Cogito Coffee by Ploče Gate. Then get better acquainted with the city’s unique cuisine with a Flavors of Dubrovnik food tour, which will give you tastings at 5 top foodie spots. Or, those who want to focus on Croatia’s extraordinary seafood and wine offerings can go for a Private Oyster & Wine Tasting Tour along Peljesac Peninsula. You’ll get a boat ride to beautiful Ston, taste its world-famous oysters, and sip on fine wines at a local cellar. Then head back to the mainland for your afternoon adventure.


Mount Srd

One of the most delightful ways to see the city is from Mount Srd, which can be reached by cable car. From the 19th-century hilltop fortress, vistas stretch for up to 37 miles – making for excellent photo opportunities. If you’re feeling energetic, there are several biking hiking trails to enjoy. Our Bike and Wine Tasting Tour from Dubrovnik also provides a chance to meet local locals and taste the local wines. Or you can partake in a Buggy Safari! This way, you can explore woodland and wildlife with 360-degree panoramic views of the countryside.


Dubrovnik by night

Begin your final evening at Tavulin Wine & Art Bar, behind St. Blaise church and opposite Rectors Palace. The family-run bar/bistro serves a delicious selection of local wines, tapas, and desserts. Additionally, the bar showcases stunning artwork curated by local visual artists. Continue your evening with a pub crawl throughout the Old City. Or, for a unique dining experience, stroll to the award-winning 360 restaurant overlooking the harbor. This upscale restaurant is located along the medieval walls near the fortress of St. John. Chefs create 5-course tasting menus and a la carte offerings, each inspired by flavors and ingredients of the Mediterranean. And be sure to ask for a table outdoors – for an atmospheric end to your 2 days in Dubrovnik. If you’re still looking for more ideas about what to do in Dubrovnik, check our Dubrovnik City Guide.

Planning your Dubrovnik Itinerary

Plitvice Lakes

Whether you have 2 days in Dubrovnik or are visiting as part of a trip around Croatia, we have you covered. Dubrovnik is featured in many travel packages, like this 6 Day Split, Dubrovnik & Plitvice Lakes Tour Package. You’ll get a taste of the urban and natural wonders in three of Croatia’s most popular destinations. Or go all out with the 13-day Secrets of Croatia Package, which includes every experience you could dream of in Croatia. The city is also a great base with many tours to nearby destinations such as Mostar and Montenegro. The Dubrovnik, Mostar & Kravice 5 Day Tour Package will introduce you to the charms of Croatia and the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You’ll explore everything from the busy cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik to the serene forests of Kravice, and Ottoman history in Mostar. No matter which route you choose, Dubrovnik is sure to amaze you.

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